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Thread: Being an AB in college is hard

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    Default Being an AB in college is hard

    Ive got to say as expected that being an adult baby is hard in college. Im only 20 yrs old, but with me living at the dorm, and having people always around, its hard to do any AB stuff, what can I do?

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    You could wait til no one is around, or wear under your clothes. Do you go home during vacations? If you do, is there time for that stuff there?

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    You could try getting a motel or something for a weekend, and baby out the whole weekend, but that may get expensive, but other then that I don't see any other options unless you could somehow get the dorm to yourself for a little bit, but I assume you can't since you say that people are always around.

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    I mean maybe if my roomate ever leaves for a weekend or something, or maybe I get a single nxt yr, maybe I could get small stuff, like a paci, bottle, sippy cup, or something

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    Yeah, as you listed, you can do some smaller stuff.

    I had a few smaller items that I kept on hand which could be easily concealed is need be: a small Care Bear, a CB blanket, a few clothing items that made me feel small...

    Once I got out of the dorms and had a room of my own in an apartment, I probably was more relaxed then I should have been. I had a big Mickey Mouse poster, I had plushies on my bed in plain sight, some padding in the closet... Luckily, the guy I roomed with had been a friend of mine for three years. If he saw, I don't think he cared or simply was kind enough to not say anything.

    Basically, there's no easy way around it. My wife went to college and noticed a couple guys wearing footed pajamas pretty openly. It seems to be a growing trend. You might be able to get away with that, but other acts will prove more difficult. I would advise just be patient, try and hold back the urges and then, when you have your own room, GO CRAZY! ^_^

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    Sometimes I use to slip a pull-up under the covers and sleep in them. It is tough in the dorms and everything though I understand completely.

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    My boyfriend and I wore diapers while in his dorm,away from everyone else! Plus if you get more discreet diapers (Depends or Walgreens brand) You can get away with it splendidly

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    For me, the answer was: Wait until the roommate was sure to be gone for hours.

    And move out of the dorm as soon as you can! (Actually, I enjoyed dorm life, but my second-year apartment was certainly a better place for wearing diapers!)

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    I'm not sure if your school is like mine was but after freshman year we were eligable to get an on campus appartment with your own bedroom. Other than that maybe you could look for a similar arangement with a sharedff living space and your own bedroom off campus.

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    I guess the good thing for me is Im going home this weekend and will be able to do some AB stuff, when I get back to my dorm on Sunday, maybe I can bring a paci, bottle, and possible sippy cup along with me

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