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Thread: Favorite diapers dry versus wet?

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    Default Favorite diapers dry versus wet?

    I was thinking the other day that I enjoy different diapers more depending on if they're wet or dry.

    For example, the feeling of a Abena X-Plus when dry is fantastic! Very soft with a great plastic on the outside. The same goes with Molicare Super Plus's. But when wet, these don't compare at all to the feeling of a Tranquility ATN. The use of more SAP in the ATN makes it feel great and squishy.

    Does anyone else feel like this? That their preference on which diaper is dictated via whether or not it's wet?

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    Different diapers definitely have different characteristics when it comes to how they handle wetness. The type and amount of SAP is a big part of that, as you suggested.

    Molicare Super Pluses are great when dry, the plastic is comfortable and they have just enough bulk that you can feel it, without so much that it makes walking around uncomfortable. After a good wetting however, I want them off ASAP. They're not so bad to sleep in while wet, but I can't stand it during the day!

    Of all the diapers I've tried, Underjams are the best by far when wet. They don't so much swell up as firm up, and they don't even begin to feel wet until they're completely soaked and about to start leaking. If it weren't for those flimsy sides, they'd be the ultimate diaper.

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    Very happy with the Abena's when wet. I don't want a diaper feeling sodden, I need to be able to wake up in the night (as I do sometimes) and fall back asleep. The Abena's do a good job of "firming" up and allowing me to feel dry.

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    Both! :d

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    I am sitting here at my computer with a freshly wet Tena Men's. I like the nice soft bulk when dry, because it is not too bulky. When wet I love the feeling of the expanded ciaper between my legs. I love the wamr, wet diaper feeling.

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    cloth on both wet and dry. It feels better than any disposable.

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    Squsishy SAP is the cat's ass! ATNs are amoung the best wet. For baby diapers CVS Explorers or their replacement are the SAP fullest. Wear one in the tub and they swell like crazy! M-4s are pretty good too and the best overall foe me.

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    I always prefer my diapers dry... the only diaper i enjoy wet is Depends Maximum Protection

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    hmm, so far I like Abena Xplus. They feel good both dry and wet. A combination of Certainty diapers (Wal Greens) covered by a Dry 24/7 makes ofr a really thick diaper and can hold a LOT! that feels good when wet!

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