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Thread: Do you drive?

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    Default Do you drive?

    I do not drive. I can't get around it. I simply do not like driving. I don't like the fact that I could kill someone on my way to work. I don't like poluting the air with fumes. I don't like the price of gas.

    Is this wrong of me? So many people tell me I'm wasting my life because I don't drive. That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Instead of driving, I bike anywhere I need to go. It keeps me healthy and it's free. Yet everyone around me drives and are trying to get me to drive.

    My parents tell me on a weekly basis to get my license, and I tell them I don't want to. Sometimes they get angry at me because I refuse to get a license, and I don't know why. What's that about? Is driving so important that every member of our society must own a car and drive? WTF?

    When I was 16 I made a minimal effort to get a license. I went to driving school, had in car lessons, and found out I didn't like driving. At all. When my parents explained to me that I would be driving the big, hulking, manual, shift stick truck, I asked why I couldn't use our automatic car instead. They said because if you learn to drive a manual, than you can drive anything. But if you learn to drive automatic, and you only drive automatic cars, then why do you need to learn manual? Most vehicles don't even come with the option for manual anymore. Even pick-up trucks. I didn't want to drive the truck because it's 15 years old, stalls constantly, breaks down for no reason, and is all-around frustrating. I figured I had enough stress in my life. Plus it's manual.

    So now I don't drive, but I'm also completely independant. I can run errands, get to work, get to school, go wherever I want. All without a car. And I'm completely happy. Winter makes this difficult, but there's always public transit.

    And yet people still continue to tell me to quit whining and get my friggen license already.

    These are strange times indeed.

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    I think you should at least get your license...Even if you don't drive after you do, it's good to have one in a case of an emergency...If you take a driving class for you license, the car will most likely be automatic...But I agree with your parent's that it's good to learn manual...Myself, I can drive, and I like driving...I couldn't bike to places that I go to driving...

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    Eh, even sports cars and large trucks now usually have a manual model.
    I got mine because we have minimal public transit. We have a bus stop about 5 miles from our house, but my school/ work are only about 4 miles away, and it's closer than the bus stop.

    It is pretty uncommon for someone to not get their license, so your parents probably thought you were afraid to drive of some other reason.

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    Default Dumbass parents...

    I have a stick shift as well. I already am so emotionally fragile I cannot handle it. I am still really bad at driving after six months. After telling my mom about the whole infantillism thing she does not bug me about much anymore, but my dad does not know. I have been pushed into driving a lot of times when I was not ready. Honestly I do not know if I will be able to get my license at 16.

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    I drive, manual, 2000 integra... ballllllllin

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    I didn't get mine till I was 17 and a half. My b/f during high school drove me around. *shrug*

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMommy View Post
    I didn't get mine till I was 17 and a half. My b/f during high school drove me around. *shrug*

    Yeah, I got mine late too...I had my permit for the longest time...

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    Well, I used to drive a motorcycle. At least until I crushed my ribcage, then it came to an end.

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    I have to agree with what others have said here: Try to get your license soon. It's just a permission to drive - not an obligation! The longer you wait, the less time, money and incentive you'll have to ever get your license. The license may come in useful later in life, and even if it'S just for a job you may get at some point in the future.

    Oh, and to reverse one of your arguments: Automatic transmission in cars costs you a nice $2,000 (or more) extra in Europe! Stick-shift is standard around here!


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    I like driving my car, but when I move out I'll reserve it for long trips only and use a bike for transit. I'll be needing the money for models and diapers, not to mention the essential stuff like bills, groceries, and utilities. Still, I do like my car a lot. It's a 93' Buick Park Avenue and even though I get a lot of teasing for driving an "Old people car" I absolutely love the way it handles and how incredibly smooth the ride is. It's so smooth that when I was driving from Wichita KS, about 45 minutes away, I was doing over 110 mph and I didn't ever realize it! I thought I was doing, at most, 75-80 mph. But in the end I'll probably let it be a hangar queen and ride a bike instead.

    Btw, I am also one of the crowd who can't see the appeal for driving a stick. Sure it's usually got better acceleration and power(from what I'm told, anyway), but I still don't see the point when an automatic will get you from point A to point B just fine.

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