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Thread: Wish I could take them to Work

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    Default Wish I could take them to Work

    Oh man. Here I am sitting pampered in my Certainty's and enjoying the sincere pleasure of it. How I wish I could take them to work but I am definitely not going to risk getting caught. Anyone else feel the same way?

    On the plus side I just feel glad to have diapers in the first place and be blessed with a job. I'm thinking about going to the internet to buy my next set of diapers. These Certainty's feel too much like underwear and not enough like diapers.

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    Well dude, I've had the Certaintys last year and they are thin and quiet enough that they really aren't that bad for wearing in public, I've done it before haha.

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    It's not as hard to "get away with it" as you think. Especially if you can choose your attire for work. I.E. If you can get away with wearing sweat pants or if you have a baggier pair of pants? I wore when I worked at McDonald's :P And when I worked at a portrait studio, both places where I had a decently strict wardrobe. It will work very well if you wear the Certainty's first. Try going to do small errands in them first, I.E. shopping, walking the dog, ect.

    I understand what you mean about not feeling like diapers and too much like underwear! :P Try new ones for sure

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    I have gone to work wearing diapers before. The thing is though that I work long shifts a my job and when I left for the day I didn't realize how wet my diaper really was until I sat down outside the place I work at. That's when I realized that I need to get a thicker diaper. Luckily no one saw me when I got to go to my car because the butt part of my pants was soaked.

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    I'm still in school and only freelance for the farmers around here, ( Picking up the hay bales after they get kicked out of the machine and such) but i have gone to school in pampers once. i almost got caught because of gym class i forgot i had it that day and not study hall.

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    Go for it. Many of us, myself included, have worn to; work, school, and other various places for sorted activities and gone unnoticed.

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    With the Certainty brand diapers, you HAVE to double or even triple them in order to get any real thickness or decent level of absorption. If all you do is wear a single Certainty, then you will be just fine (as far as being nu-noticable). Just don't flood it and you should be fine. If you wear 2 or 3 at a time (double or triple stacked) then it becomes a lil more noticeable.

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    Don't think I've tried those...

    I've worn to work before... I didn't really care for it. I don't like feeling little at work. It interferes with my brain when I need to be mean >.< But it's not very noticeable. I wouldn't really worry about it, unless you wear short shirts and bend over a lot. I had a desk job, so it wasn't an issue for me.

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    I think I'm in the minority. I never have worn to work and I don't have much of a desire to. It might have something to do with the fact that my job has been and still is driving me to the EDGE OF INSANITY!!! If anything, cub time is my escape; I want it left untainted.

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    I think it's unlikely that anyone would ever notice at work.

    OK, I'll admit that I've worn more than a few times at work but I tend to use fairly discreet products when doing it.

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