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    Default Hey:)

    Hey u guys! Im 20yo boy from Finland. Im ballroom and latin dancer.
    Feel free to contact me, and u can ask me anything

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    Oh yay Finland! Tervetuloa foorumille!
    I've been to Espoo once. Cool that you dance! What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like to travel? Hope you'll enjoy being here.

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    Oh cool, how did u like Espoo and Finland? I mainly listen mainstream stuff, but im open-minded in music heavyrock and gangstarap may not be in me shortlist but otherwise everything goes
    Yea i love travelling! Just a while ago was in Milan for long weekend and next month gonna go to compete in Tallinn and few weeks later to Riga.

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    Hmm... Milan, you say? Did you enjoy your weekend in this crowded and cahotic city? I live not far away from it and I'm often there for my job (like now), and I can say it's definitely not my ideal environment

    Btw, welcome aboard! Scandinavian countries are certainly high on the list of the places I'd love to see, with all the marvellous natural landscapes they have!

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    I loved it I've been there three times now and wouldnt mind even moving there D

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    Welcome to Adisc, Luigs, hope you like it here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luigs View Post
    Oh cool, how did u like Espoo and Finland?
    Finland is one of my favourite countries; I used to go there at least once a year or more, but since I started my apprenticeship now I don't have the money to travel anymore. Last time I was there was for Myötätuuli Rock in 2009. So long ago! I didn't see much of Espoo, but I love Helsinki. I'd move there instantly if I knew the language well.

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    Nice! U don't need to know the language yet, u will learn it here. And u would do fine only with english.

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    I'd definitely not do fine! Busdrivers in Helsinki didn't know a word of English, it was quite horrible and I had to really try hard to explain to the driver where I wanted to go and that I needed a ticket. I managed to do that in Finnish, though.

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