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    Im getting low on my stash and wont beable to buy more intill the first of this next month. If anyone knows any good store bought diapers please let me know they must be able to hold a pretty good amount.

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    they don't exist.. Medical supply stores have better quality then depends but most are quite crappy. your best option is a medical supply store, you can usually find tens super and ultras there but thats about all you'll find.. I used to spend saturdays driving to various ones in my area, and i managed to find two back of molicares that were dated five years prior lol .. I asked if they had any more and they said they didnt and would be getting any more in, after i used em I decided i could never go back to store brought and started to buy online .. best decision i have ever made

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    I too agree. Store kinds are a poor substitute.
    Tho if you have no other option at the moment it is better than nothing.
    For me Depends would be a last choice. Tena is a small good step up in my opnion from them if can find them.

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    Since diapers available in stores are invariably rubbish in terms of absorption and the like, the best store diaper is the least expensive. Also, check your local Salvation Army/DAV/other favorite thrift store, as sometimes you'll find some really good deals.

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