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Thread: When it comes to music, what's your guilty pleasure?

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    Default When it comes to music, what's your guilty pleasure?

    So we all have that one song/artist on our Mp3 player that we have to explain to someone or another. We all have that one song we secretly like to sing along to when no one else is looking.

    So answer me this, when it comes to music who or what song is your guilty pleasure?

    I'll start, my guilty pleasure is Nicki Minaj.

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    My guilty pleasure is... Ugh... The Spice Girls

    *runs and hides under the stairs where he can sway softly to "Mama, I love you..." without being judged*

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    For me, it's Girls' Generation. There this South Korean girl group that I immediately fell in love with after a friend over the internet introduced me to their music. I'll sometimes get weird looks when I tell friends and family that I listen to them once I say that they don't sing in English for the most part xD... And I'll constantly get asked the question "Well why do you listen to their songs if you can't even understand them?" I don't care really ;3; I like the sound of their music and it makes me happy

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    Well for me it's got to be... Busted's Thunderbirds theme! It's just so bubbly and fun, and it reminds me of watching Thunderbirds proper when I really was a kid!

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    Oh dear... so many terribly guilty pleasures to admit to. Let's see:

    • George Formby (When I'm cleaning windows, etc)
    • Seventies pop
    • Eighties hair rock - Bon Jovi, Whitesnake
    • Novelty songs
    • ...but top of the list, Rolf Harris singing "Two Little Boys"

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    My fave music type is Classic Rock
    My fave band is Aerosmith,

    Tho cant really pick one but some of the secret ones would be from
    Boy George and the Cultire Club and the Beach Boys

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    Guilty pleasure for me would be N'sync and Backstreet Boys stuff the I loved when I was a kid.

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    My guilty pleasure? Taylor Swift. Her music is the one dose size of country I can handle and although it's all from a girl and about guys, I still find myself singing along from time to time.

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    I've listened to Britney Spears latest album (Femme Fatale) quite regularly since it was released. I even bought the physical CD, remember those kids? Couldn't be anymore different than the type of music I normally listen to (metalhead) but I associate the tracks with good times I've had at pop-orientated nightclubs with friends.

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