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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    10 41.67%
  • Battlefield: 3

    9 37.50%
  • Neither/Other

    5 20.83%
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Thread: MW3 or BF3?

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    Question MW3 or BF3?

    Which will you buy, why, and why haven't you pre-ordered at your nearest GameStop?

    (sorry, I had to plug my employer in, but it was too easy

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    I've pre-ordered both but I won't be able to play cuz my xbox is still busted and I ain't got nuff papers to get it fixed. I'm a baller on a budget :P

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    I am an RPG man myself, but when it comes to multi-player FPS games, I like HALO best. Sorry, but I won't be getting either of those.

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    Im thinking MF3, I bet its going to be really good, Since Black ops felt like it was designed on a budget

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    Tried BF3 beta and wasnt a fan. It felt like Bad Company 2 all over but with polished graphics and different guns and such. COD fanboy and proud of it <3

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    I lost all hope for Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare once it introduced the Heartbeat Sensor as well as a horrible single player storyline.

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    MW3 for the win best game trailer and love the idea of the spec ops mode totally rocks

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    Modern Warfare 3? You mean "Call of Duty: The Same Game with New Guns and Maps"? Really, that's all it is.

    Aaaaaaaaaanyways: Battlefield 3.

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    I'll probably pick MW3 at some point because I have played most of the games for that series ever since the PS2. However, sometime I do need to try Battlefield. Have heard good things about it.


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    I have Metal Gear Sold 4 and Just Cause 2. I really don't understand the need to shoot people in other environs.

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