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Thread: another Plushy topic.

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    Default another Plushy topic.

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    I love it!

    Ok, well so this thread isn't just about an awesome picture, what was a nightmare you were glad to have your plushy for, when you were a kid nor not.

    I remember one that i had, actually was a teenager, and as i went up to my window, i opened my blinds, and this person with some crazy mask from the amazon popped into the window, which freaked me out way bad (i hate jump scenes). Anyhow, my heart was pounding when i woke up, don't entirely remember why it was so traumatic, but having a plushy always calms things down.

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    I wish I'd have had a plushie when I was younger! I had frequent night terrors, and my parents seemed to think it was just a normal part of growing up... I hope to get a fox soon though. I've got to find a good one! I can't just buy one and neglect it has to be just right

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    Don't remember all details all my dreams.
    Tho I do remember always being so glad to have a plushie with me when I sleep.
    Just having one to hug really brings some comfort.

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    As a younger child, I had about nine or ten different plushies, I loved the feeling of having my li'l stuffed friends by my side to protect me whilst I slept. I still loved them even when I was convinced they were possessed by some demonic entity when I was eight.

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    i never remember my dreams, i just love having my little plushie wion to cuddles with :3

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    plushies are fun... and they never call you too clingy and always want to be hugged! I lurve plushies.

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    I had terrible night terrors as a child. I'm not sure that the house wasn't haunted. I had two teddy bears and they helped me get through the night. We all slept under the covers in total fear. Actually, they were braver than I was.

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    I have had my simba plush for ages now and it has been there for some very odd dreams

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    I still, to this day, have nightmares weekly. Some are more vivid or worse than others, but it is a pretty constant thing. I am pretty much always excited for my teddy to be there, because when I give him a big hug it is one of the single most relaxing, cathartic things on earth for me. I feel warm all over and just melt.

    The downside is sometimes I have a really, really hard time getting out of bed in the morning if I make the mistake of hugging him first thing when I wake up.

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    I don't normally have nightmares and never really used to. However, the ones I have had were absolutely petrifying and you could never explain quite why.

    The worst I ever had was relatively recent - I was on a ship that was a sort of cross between a play centre, a cruise liner and a swimming pool. I was being chased by someone or something (not sure what). I was staying ahead but only just. Oh and the ship was sinking. I don't know why it was so scary, but it was. I didn't wake up for ages either...

    I used to sleep with the light on as a kid (not sure why really), which may have helped. Nothing scares the monsters away like a 60W light bulb and a pile of plushies

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