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    Default diapers like undergarments

    I hate the heat of regular diapers. I can hardly wait to take it off until I get home or at least just wear a diaper and a t-shirt at home.

    Are there any diapers that are similar to undergarments with the open sides or little to no sides that hold heat in?

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    If the sides were open or smaller, then the diapers would leak. I'm sure you could find/make some but they would be useless unless you just wear the diapers and don't actually use them.

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    Belted diapers, perhaps? That's just a guess, as I've never tried them, but without the big "wings" of ordinary tape-on diapers, I'd expect them to be a bit less hot. There are also diapers that claim to be "breathable."

    If you don't plan on using, then taking a pull-on diaper and cutting the elastic on the sides so that it's just a narrow belt around the waist will certainly make things a bit "drafty" up front. I did this with some Goodnites that didn't fit me otherwise, and was able to pull them on, however the missing elastic left enormous gaps in front, and hence the Goodnites leaked *immediately*. But they felt nice, actually!


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    Personally I like the heat generated by wearing a diaper. Assuming your diaper isn't messy/smelly one way to cool down can be to just pull the front/back of your diaper a few centimeters away for a few seconds to let some air flow. It can make a real difference.

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    Try incontinence pads, like the Abri san or the ones Tena makes. They have an adhesive backing and stick right into your underwear, so they have the minimum amount of heat-trapping coverage of any incontinence product.

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    To answer your question, yes there are quite a few. I wear all the time for need and also have problems with the heat in summer.

    Mollicare Air Active Premium's are cheap and great, have breathable cloth sides, come in extra and super (both are really thirsty). I've been using them all summer and love them. Much cooler than normal diapers and perform fine for daytime though not a great nighttime diaper. Have 24/7's for that ^_^

    Another I've recently tried is the Tena Stretch. They come in Ultra and Night Super same as the regular Tena diapers, but have cloth sides with a HUGE wide single stretch tape that covers the whole side of the diaper, very similar to a baby diaper.

    I have tried a few samples of these (really liked them) and will buy a case next when Mollicares are done.

    There are more, but these I have found to be the coolest in summer heat.

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