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    Default Losing control and afraid

    I'm slowly loosing control of both bladder and bowel and it is scary 1st I wet the bed a couple of nights ago and I just woke up to day to find I had messed

    luckily I was all ready in a pull up after the wetting incident

    it feels like I'm the only one to go through this but I know that can't be the case

    I went to my GP after the wetting incident and he has referred me to incontinence service but I have not heard from them and I'm confused as to what's causing me to have accidents

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    Try urgent care at your local hospital, or have the ER look at you. You never know what the problem is until it's looked at, so it could be something serious or something minor. You should make an appointment with a urologist to be safe. It could just be a medication you're taking that's causing this. I'm not a doctor so idk, but I think that's the best way to go.
    Get well soon

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    I think Chan0's advice would be good for the US, but not so good for the United Kingdom where liRetroboy lives. The referral to the incontinence service often does take time, but this varies from area to area. Most Local Health Trusts are making big efforts to stop people who don't have real medical emergencies from attending Casualty departments (British equivalent of ER). There are some walk in centres in some parts of the ocuntry, but frankly, attending these would probably only lead to a referral back to your GP. As bladder and bowels are now involved a further GP visit could be called for - but best to take a diary with a record of what days (or nights) involuntary voidings have happened so that the medical people have something to help make an assesment. When you see the Incontinence Service it is likely that a lot of good advice will be given but this will be on the basis that you hate loosing control and don't want any more wet or messy accidents. Balancing the interests an AB might have in diapers, etc against what might be a serious medical need is something lilRetroboy and others have to think about very carefully.

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    Have you talked to your doc about it being possibly related to the CP? There could one of a few reasons for it, in the meantime while you are waiting for the next appointment just keep taking precautions. And no, you aren't alone with that. There are several of us who have or had the same problem.

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    As others have said, the most important thing is to have it checked out.
    But it could also be that your brain realises that you are wearing a nappy and it may have regressed back to your child hood in that way. As for the messing, well it could be that you have a tummy upset, or some kind of irritation in your bowels. Keep a record of accidents and events, keep a record of diet and drinks too.
    I hope you get better real soon.

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    I used to wet my bed well into my teen years. I started to wet again a few years ago and this is now most nights, i wear nappies/diapers for bed. Recently things are worse and my usual dribble after peeing is heavier, and desperation to pee is getting worse. This week i peed my pants forthe first time since i was a kid. I have a meeting with a urologist soon, and hope he will be able to help. Until then if i know i cannot easily get to the toilet, i am wearing a pulled. The decision to wear protection during the day was not easy, but i don't want to pee my pants again. I hope some treatment will help and that i will be able to totally control my bladder again. I don't know what i would do if this condition is not temporary and is the beginning of a decline into inconvenience and full time nappy/diaper wearing. I need to think positively.

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    Hi Jamie - I think there is a lot of sense in thinking positively- and also a good chance that what you are experiencing will be curable. When I first started wearing in the day I used pull ups but found they were uncomfortable and not too good at keeping my clothes dry if I voided more than expected. If the appointment at the urologist is delayed you might like to try the Tenaflex type of diaper - velcro fastenings, quite comfortable and (assuming you are the male variant of "Jamie) the front comes down so you can use a toilet/urinal normally without removing sticky tapes. These are not so good at night as the leak protection is less effective than Tena Slips.

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    Hang in during these difficult times.
    Try to reduce your stress level by deep breathing and meditation work.
    Think positive and just accept what is going on and prepare for it. You can manage anything if you want and work hard enough.
    Best wishes

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