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    Ok here is my story. A few weeks ago my mom was messing with my stuff and found my stash so now I have to go to the Doctor to check it out. So I was wondering what type of tests will they take and what symptoms should I say I have? Keep in mind i want them to think that I'm IC. Thanks Guys.

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    You're heading down a tough road. A doctor generally won't think that you're incontinent unless your body genuinely isn't holding in your urine. Have you been wearing diapers constantly for the past few weeks (ever since your mom found your stash) to catch unstoppable and unpredictable leakage? If not, the doctor will probably notice and ask how you have been knowing when you're going to have accidents and when you're not.

    I recommend just telling your parents honestly that you aren't having a medical problem and they just happened to find your stash of favorite underwear. At the expense of them possibly freaking out a bit, they'll know you better and they will stop being concerned that your body is randomly malfunctioning.

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    Well, you have one option followed by another with two parts. Neither of which you're going to like.

    1: Come clean with the doctor and hope he (I'll assume it's a he because making a teenaged boy see a female doctor is torture) doesn't tell your mother. If you're a minor and that's what I'm guessing, he'll have to tell her something. But if he accepts this as part of your developing sexuality, he may let you off the hook and explain it to your mother in terms that will keep her from discussing it further.

    2a: Come clean with the doctor and he tells your mother everything. This may or may not lead to a psychiatric evaluation.

    2b: Come clean with your mother now and accept the storm that will likely follow.

    All of those options lead to the possibility of having to give up diapers or babystuff for a bit of time. Hopefully that's the worse case scenario.

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    Yeah. Unfortunately any good doctor will probably be able to figure out that you not IC after only talking to you. Not only that... but it is not fair to your parents or their insurance company to have to go see a doctor, just so you can maintain a lie. It has been said time and time and time again on adisc that faking IC just so you can get away with wearing diapers is not only a bad idea, but just plain wrong. #1 it makes your parents worry about you because of a LIE, #2 It makes your parents spend money on you BECAUSE OF A LIE, #3 YOU ARE LYING, #4 You may be put through painful, needless tests because of a LIE, and #5 it is not fair to those that actually HONESTLY do not have control.

    I don't mean to sound mean, but it really is wrong to do, therefore i can't give any advice on how to do it. But if you want an idea of what tests and procedures you may be put through, just read this...

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    I know you guys are right but this has gone to far. honestly i do not want my mom to get me diapers i have a part-time job and have been paying for them so thats not the problem its just i will not be able to take the storm no matter what painful surgery it takes I can not have my parents knowing the real reason i already decided i wouldn't and I'm not gonna. i just can't.

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    well depending on your age you can always say you are having wet dreams and it scared you to wake up wet. so you bought diaper's to protect the bed and to stay dry.
    I think a doctor will under stand it and write it off as puberty

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffiewe View Post
    painful surgery it takes I can not have my parents knowing the real reason i already decided i wouldn't and I'm not gonna. i just can't.
    They aren't going to go the surgery route unless it's absolutely necessary. Believe it or not, unless you peed in the river and the doctor suspects there might be a fish in places where fish ought not be, there are people in line for operations that are far more pressing than a bladder issue.

    Medication would be the least invasive route. But since you don't actually have bladder problems, the side effects for those drugs are not going to be worth it.

    I wish you luck, but honestly, the truth or at least an acceptable version of the truth will get you out of this.

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