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Thread: You guys don't even KNOW!

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    Default You guys don't even KNOW!

    You guys have absolutely no idea how much I love this site.
    I didn't know where else to put this but I had to tell everyone!

    I've only been here a couple days and it's already better than all the other sites I'm registered for. There's customization up the wazoo with the ability to put hex codes in for color, neato smileys, big profile pictures and avatars!

    People are helpful and there are ALWAYS people online! Mildly helpful posts are actually trying to be helpful rather than asking me to PM them at the end! I'm not getting random 'Be my mommy' and 'Smell my diaper' messages. There's even a chat.

    It's not just diaper talk and you can talk about ANYTHING!

    Please excuse my excitement but, YES!!

    Thanks everyone for coming together and forming such an awesome community!

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    I agree with pretty much everything you said in your post. I don't normally join forums, let alone fetishy forums. I joined adisc because it seemed different - supportive rather than creepy.

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    I agree with you, O.S. - I've been a member of many AB/DL organizations (back to participating in the a.s.f.d newsgroup and a paying member of DPF, gee I'm old) but I have decided to focus my attentions on ADISC since it has been such a thriving, friendly, and non-creepy place.

    Congrats to ADISC on setting a new record of 2,276 users online yesterday!

    More adulation can be read at this thread over here if you're interested.

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    Really haven't made any friends here yet, tho only been here few days.

    I been liking this place as well.
    Very nice that its AB/DL related in most its aspects. Also like you said its about most all else too so that makes
    this place feel really great to talk about many things.

    I lurked a bit before joining and its why I decided to give this place a try. Seemed like a friendly place.

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