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Thread: Sudden onset of bedwetting

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    Default Sudden onset of bedwetting

    For the past week or two, I've been wetting myself during sleep without really trying (i.e. not wearing a diaper); I've also been noticing tiny white particles in my urine. I saw my doctor today and took a urine sample, but he saw nothing concerning about either of them and the initial urine results came back healthy (full results will be about a week).

    Even though I sort of been wanting and kind of trying to be a bedwetter somewhat, is there possibly something that my doctor could be missing, or is it just my desires catching up with me?

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    Well, what were the white particles? That can't be normal. Short of that, perhaps it's a psychological problem, centering around you wanting to wet the bed. The mind can be far more powerful than we give it credit. My guess, however, is that something medical is going on and your doctor missed it.

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    Well, the doctor said that it's not white blood cells or blood or anything else in the urine, but the full results aren't back yet.It is possible that it's just dead cells and nothing to worry about, but I just want to be sure that it's not anything physical.

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    Since you're already going to the doctor and that's obviously out of the way -
    Could you tell if they were 'floaties' or more gritty (midlevel)? Stringy or like sand (bottom/heavy)? Are they the same size or different?
    White specs can be one of a few things like:
    UTI is still a possibility. You already mentioned the extra urination but is the urine cloudy? Any 'pain' during urination? *not all UTI's have any pain/discomfort involved* Strange/strong odor? Lower back pains? These are signs of a bacterial infection but you can still have one without all the symptoms. I have more than my fair share of 'em.
    Pyuria is urine that contains pus
    Skin fleks which are normal in many people and usually overlooked by most people who don't really pay attention to their urine.
    "Mucousy" specs can be a yeast infection, UTI or high levels of proteins or even residual from sperm discharge.
    Are you female? It could be vaginal discharge.
    If it is more 'sand-like' it could be tiny bits of kidney stones (usually in older tho)
    Have you been on long term antibiotics? That has been known to cause it.
    *** Taken from an individual's post:
    If you are drinking water properly (about 4 oz every half hour) you will notice these thread like and fine white particles in your urine. MD's will run all sorts of tests, but the tests turn up negative. When cells die in your body, the water you drink helps flush out the cell fragments. Those are the strings and little dots of white material suspended in your urine. It's a natural biological function. If you don't drink enough water, those dead cells don't get washed out and you are building up toxins within your body.

    Any other symptoms or differences in diet, weight gain/loss, sleep, medications, aches/pains, fever, chills, etc? If so the docs would really need to know this too. I hope everything turns out ok

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    They seem more floaty and seem to be more different sizes; although I haven't noticed them in a couple days. I'm not urinating more than usual and the urine seems to be a healthy color and without pain. Odor is also fine and my back's okay. I have been taking a lot of steroids lately due to a anaphylaxis reaction, and everything thing else seems to be a decent condition or nothing changing.

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    Still not sure if it looks like skin flakes, sandy, stringy, etc and if it's floating in the middle or on top, and just a lil or pretty much all throughout the urine? I'm glad to hear that there doesn't seem to be a an 'issue' with it or pain involved. It could be just natural body elimination of 'whatever'. It is considered 'natural' for them to be hanging around in there sometimes.

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    Do you have any pain or sensations when peeing? Any changes in stress recently? Any new excercises?

    To me it's nothing major. That's my take on it. What i've learned is most of the time it's just in your head, and the lower end of the spectrum is it's a real thing. It's not to say it can't be serious, but maybe it's just your body cleaning some bad stuff out.

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    First off, I'm not a doctor, so take what I say lightly, but being a human I've had some experience with urinating.

    Anyway, I'm healthy as far as I know, and sometime, there may be "sediment" ,I guess that describes it best, in my urine. Urine is a waste product so it's not surprising that there may be some visible, solid wastes in it (like salts). There's so much more than just water in it and what you ingest can make such a big difference, that if there is no extreme difference in your pee compared to other times, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's good you're getting it checked though. Hopefully you'll find the cause.

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    "sediment" can be phosphorus buildup over particles or preliminary signs of kidney stones.

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    It's not sediment exactly, but it's never 100% clear. As in, if you had a glass of filtered tap water, and you had a glass of urine, the urine would look less clear or "pure" I guess (and let's say the urine was the same color as the water) compared to the water. There are byproducts floating around in it after all.

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