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Thread: crinkle sound

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    Default crinkle sound

    not sure if it was a topic lately, but I just wanted to know your opinions: who else is not at ease if you hear crinkle sounds (not a diaper, but like a bag of plastic or similar)? I can stand all other sounds, but crinkling bags or plastic can make me very nervous

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    That's probably because you associate that crinkling with the crinkling of a diaper. I do the same sometimes :P

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    Not me, I love the crinkle of a plastic-covered diaper ( which are getting ever more scarce ), or noisy, crinkling plastic panties.

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    I like the sound too. Tho like Fifigal said. Its getting harder to find a good crinkable (is that a actual word?) diaper anymore.
    Its nice to have low noise ones when have to have them in public, but when at home I love the crinkle sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Not me, I love the crinkle of a plastic-covered diaper ( which are getting ever more scarce ), or noisy, crinkling plastic panties.
    i agree completely ; )

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    Not me, but I've never associated crinkling with diapers. Call me weird, but I actually like the newer plastic covered with cloth diapers better.

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    I know just what you mean. Any plastic crinkling sound (from anything) when immediately makes me think of diapers and plastic sheets and when I'm around my friends it makes me a little bit uncomfortable. But on the flip side, that noise is one of my absolute favourite things about diapers when I'm in the right mood for them. It's such a strong association. Sitting down on a bed and hearing that plastic crinkle noise just screams bedwetter.

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    I don't really think about it much, unless I'm wearing. When I am though I love the sound =)

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    Most crinkly now is a new and very cheap/non-toxic/"green" material called PEVA. Amazon have a PEVA mattress sheet by "Clippasafe". And ebay have new PEVA pants - with a warning BEWARE they are very, very noisy!!
    Some bedwetters like me need to hear the crinkle in order to feel safe enough to go to sleep - kiddy anxiety creeping back!

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    i love making crap crinkle. its soo fun to take a empty bag if chips in my pocket and hear crinkle, crinkle, crinkle, as I walk. Its even more fun watching people try to find out what is was lol

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