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    When i close my eyes at night,
    the war i just begun to fight,
    visions of lights disappear,
    and nightmares reappear,
    shribling with fear,
    that my screams no one will hear,
    and all do God is near,
    the devil is right here.

    - Jose Murguia

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    Is the tiger that kills the gazelle evil? Is lying always wrong?

    Good that which benefits society as a whole?

    Evil that which damages individuals or society as a whole?

    Does it not seam that in many of the fairy tales the evil characters are ugly and the good characters are beautiful.?

    I'm not much for categorizing things as good or evil. I would need a good working definition first.

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    I have learned something improtant in my life. I learned that some demons can actually lose there horns and turn into an angel (meaning: I have been through alot of things in my life that lead me to no longer feel emotion or care for others. Feeling this way made things become real cold around me and more dark.) And another thing i learned is, When ever there is darkness this is always a small light to be found and that light is hope. (meaning: After feeling that care for the first time of my life had completly changed me and also felt care for others and changing there life making them happy. I soon felt more warmth around me and i actually felt more alive.

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