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Thread: Walgreen's Certainty Breifs

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    Default Walgreen's Certainty Breifs

    I just purchased a 40 back of certainty briefs from Walgreen's this weekend and have discovered how improved they are. They now feature much larger tapes that can take many re-tapeings. The outer cover is cloth which at first made me hesitant on how abosorbant they would be. So i tried them with a 3-4t overnight pullup as a booster and to my suprise they worked very well. I wet them heavley over a 9 hour period at work and they held up with out a ripped tape and a very little leak.

    I suggest people give these another try. They are on sale until sunday 10/16 for 14.99 medium 40 pack and the pullups are on sale for 6.99 after a register reward.

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    i got a 40 pack this weekend i too didnt think they would work that well but i was sure wrong. I flooded them and the wetness was soaked up the whole diaper it went all the way up the back no leaks i was so happy I dont know how most diapers usually soak it up in the middle this was evened out perfectly in the diaper. They are not my regular brad i like plastic backed. When i want a change or have an all out flood i use these makes it exciting to change things up.

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    Hey. Ya i bought thes as well they not bad at all. They take some time geting used to if your used to the depends tapes. But they do hold alot an i wear thes out in public an as its said makes no noise what so ever Sence i walk everywhere they are really good for me Bc when i gotta go i can just go with out worrying about leaks. I will keep buying thes over depends just add the leak guard on them an there good to go. Or just add booster to them an your fine will last for hours an even over night with out leaking.

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    oh an one thing that i seem to notice is that the wetness lines in the diaper change color with out even being wet.. Not sure why this is.. but its something eles i just seem to happen with every diaper i put on...

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    I totally agree my current fav booster is a 3-4t boys nighttime pullup

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    Havent noticed that maybe they got humid in transit somehow that happened to me with a pack of ATNs a while back

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    I made a post about these recently and I am impressed with them and the large sized ones. That's what I wear- and I get 32 a pack. I love that. More bang for your buck. I am surprised by how they are.


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    I wear two with the center torn on the outer cover love mine too

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    I haven't worn these in a while, but I remember liking them better than Depend maximum...Only draw back for me would be the clothlike outer layer, but that makes it easier to wear them in public without people knowing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    I made a post about these recently and I am impressed with them and the large sized ones. That's what I wear- and I get 32 a pack. I love that. More bang for your buck. I am surprised by how they are.
    The Wal Green brand diaper (Certainty) are probably the best you are going to get without going online and buying the premium diapers. These diapers are about the best balance between budget without sacrificing function.

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    I wear two with the center torn on the outer cover love mine too
    Sometime to get the 'bulky' feeling of the premium brand online diapers, I will wear three at a time (triple stacked), with slits cut into the backing of the inner diapers.

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    I had never really bought a store brand until then because I considered them a waste of money if I couldn't wear and use it multiple times without it falling apart or leaking, but these don't do that at all, I have enjoyed them every time I have worn them. and 40 to a pack, almost a premium diaper for only 50 cents or less per diaper, can't beat that with a 10-ft pole haha

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    It's been a few months since I stooped to store-bought diapers, but when I did, they were these. I honestly wasn't as impressed with the as some of you are. Although they were comfy and breathable, wearing just one felt like wearing no padding at all. As for my wetting experience I gave one a moderate wetting and the next time I tried to go in it, it leaked all over my backside. Overall I thought they were cheap and low-quality.

    However, they do have one great use which is layering. Being cheap, you can slap 5-6 of them on at once and not feel guilty about spending too much to get that super-thick, waddle-when-you-walk feeling.

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