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Thread: Can you become dependant?

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    Default Can you become dependant?

    I just got my first pack (horray!) at my grocery store, it was tough, but I got kid ones so it wouldnt seem suspicious (cruisers size 7) Anywhom, I was wondering if someone after like 2 weeks just goes in the diaper and doesnt think abiut it. I've had mine for like 2 days and already feel a tad bit more comfortable doing it, just wondering though.

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    You will definately get more comfortable using and wearing diapers as time goes on. There is a chance of becoming dependant... but that would take a long, long, loooooong time of continuous 24/7 wearing.

    If you wore all day, every day for a year you would probably be pretty much dependant on them after that. I've currently been wearing 24/7 since April... I have noticed that my bladder has shrunk and my control has worsened... but I'm not incontinent yet. If anything I may be more mentally dependant on them than I am physically... as it just feels wierd to go without a diaper on for any period of time.

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    It is possible, but to do it in two weeks means that there is something wrong with your level of control to begin with. So you aren't gonna become dependent. It has become easier because your brain is only used to going in a toilet. It doesn't want to use a diaper - it isn't used to it. Everyone becomes more used to it the more they use it but to go from complete control to dependancy (aka incontinence :P) takes a lot of time and hard work.

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    I think you can become dependent after a while. But it'd take years and years. Potty-training is like riding a bike; once you learn it, it's really hard to un-learn it. And after you become dependent, re-potty-training would probably be really annoying.

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    I still find it funny that people claim you can become dependent on diapers after only a year, we been over this like 3 times right? Your bladder muscles tighten itself up at night considering that's what its been taught to do so we don't bedwet. So unless you already bedwet I don't think you will ever becoming fully unpotty trained just by wearing diapers since your bladder muscles will still work by themself's at nighttime.

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    I have been wearing for about 3-4 years, not 24/7 but once or twice a week i may wear for a day or weekend, depending on how i feel, and i can say that when wearing diapers its like instinct to go in the diaper, i mean if im wearing i may wet without thinking much about it, but when im not wearing i have full mental and physical control. I suppose its my brain and body going.... "Hmm hes wearing a diaper, pee".

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    You would have to wear 24/7 for like a year to even start to lose control. So if you think you are after alittle over a week, its in your head.

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