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Thread: the feet in footed pyjamas

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    Default the feet in footed pyjamas

    A while back i made a footed sleeper, but the thing is i had real trouble figuring out how to make the feet. I got a pattern for a child and just modified the sizing but instead of instructions for the feet they just rounded the feet off with a sort of half circle kind of like the handle of most cutlery (an odd comparison i know). So does anyone know how cut out material to shape proper feet for footed pyjamas. Actually a picture of the feet inside out would probably help too.

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    Humm... I think all the sleepsuits I've had had feet with a roundish toe area.
    I guess you could try copying a pair of socks that have the shape you're looking for, perhaps?

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    I'll probably be deconstructing a pair of my Target/Cherokee footed-sleepers (time for repairs, and a pattern)...'bout a week or so...if you'll prompt me then...I'll picture...and measure...


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    You have to cut the base out for the bottom. Then cut it where it's split down the ankle. You have to allow enough room for your largest part of the foot to fit so the hole near the top has to be a little bit larger then that. It should be kinda like a bib pattern if I remember.(bit larger around the ankle.)

    It's hard to explain without a picture of the pattern. :/

    Basicly you should end up with a full circle for the foot to go through when cutting. Experiment. deduce.

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