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    Hey guys my sisters diapers are to small to fit me, the problem is baby diapers are getting too small any ideas on getting diapers from online past my parents Thanks

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    Graduating to what you can procure at local medical supply stores (most carry at least one upscale brand like Molicare, etc) = easier than trying to buy online.

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    I like to buy mine on amazon, the prices are usually pretty good and shipping is discreet.

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    Only way for it to work is if you start buying online often so they don't get suspicious. You need to first buy non abdl things the first few times. Then when it gets here tell them, make it obvious. Then make sure they know what's in them. After a few times they'll just get bored of it and assume it's just normal stuff they've seen. I bought diaper stuff often and none of my parents knew. They think it's computer things and i buy online often.

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