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Thread: Help, im so scared :(

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    Default Help, im so scared :(

    So, to app you guys out there, you know that feeling when you get kicked in your balls? How that pain goes up your side and gives you that "I'm gonna puke" feeling? Well, i've been like that all day. Idk what's causing it. It hurts really badly, and it's just one side. My right testicle is also hurting. So I took a nap to see if it was better when I woke up. No
    cigar. It's just worse and I now have an intense headache to accompany it. So naturally, me being me, I'm jumping to conclussions and I'm really scared that I have cancer or something, because it also feels as if my right testicle is swollen or something. Any help at all will be apreciated

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    Go to the doctor! Now! What are you waiting for!? Go now!! Don't even finish reading this!

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    Honestly, you could have just pulled your groin, it happens to me occasionally, makes it hurt very very bad to walk up and down stairs lol. Anyways if it still hurts tomorrow, then you should see a doctor and make sure everything's ok, although I suspect you just sat on em wrong so to speak.

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    umm. I think a doc will be better help, even if you don't care much for em

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebehuey View Post
    umm. I think a doc will be better help, even if you don't care much for em
    Lol doctors don't bother me as long as they don't mess with my ears

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    I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it's cancer -- that's pretty drastic, and there are several other far more likely causes for testicular pain. If it is cancer, a simple testicular self-exam should reveal it.

    Other possibilities:
    1) Injury -- Did you do anything to bruise it, like sitting on it or getting whacked in the crotch?
    2) Testicular torsion -- the testicles twist around themselves.
    3) Varicocele -- a (fairly) harmless mass of vascular tissue on the spermatic cord. This can restrict blood flow to the testicles, which sometimes results in soreness, tenderness, and aching. It'll look like a sack of worms sitting on top of your testicle, which you should be able to see upon palpating the area.

    Whatever the case, tell your parents right away. They should take you to the hospital to get it checked out, ensuring that it isn't torsion (which is the greatest risk). Hope it gets better.


    Note: On a testicular self-exam, don't confuse your epididymus with a lump. It's a common mistake people make, but there should be a small lumpy thing on top of your testicle. My doctor's rule of thumb: if it's the same on both sides, it's probably supposed to be there.

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    I've had this problem before. Now, I dont mean to sound gross and I might be wrong, but It might be sexual tension. The one time I had that problem it hurt like HELL. I told my dad and he said it might be sexual tension (I was really close with my dad) and he said I should probably (Again not to be gross) masturbate. After I did I did feel better. Now honestly, I'd try that first, but if it's been hurting for awhile, like ALL day, then go to the doctor.

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    Well, I once had Epididymitis. It is when bacteria enters your urinary tract and causes problems. Check out this link. The symptoms you are describing are all in line with what I had once.

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    Have you taken your temperature? If there is an infection, one usually has an accompanying temperature. If that's the case, you need to see a doctor as you may need an antibiotic. The other thing I would be concerned about is appendicitis. Even though it shouldn't send pain to your testicle, pain has a way of traveling. In any event, if it hurts tomorrow, see the doctor.

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    GO TO THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT IMMEDIATELY. So there are few things I will say this to, and it might turn out to be nothing, that said severe testicular pain can be caused by many things, however there is no way to diagnose that without a physical exam, the most severe acute possibility is testicular torsion which requires immediate intervention to treat in the most optimal fashion, and honestly its not worth listing anything else until a physician has ruled out torsion, everything else can be dealt with later, again, GO TO THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT NOW.

    Just finished reading the other posts, and wanted to say not trying to second guess anyone here or provide professional advice, but what you are describing is potentially a medical emergency, and with the limits of an internet forum and considering the potentially severe consequences later on there really is no other suggestion I feel is medically justified other then going to see a physician in person now, even if in retrospect it turns out to be something less concerning or emergent.
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