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Thread: Wearing 24/7

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    Default Wearing 24/7

    I have finally decided im tired of what people think so.... i think im goin to try wearing 24/7 could be a bad idea?

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    Hey crazycd, I've started a thread on advice on 24/7 wearing, you can check it out here.

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    Its all about your specific situation, but I don't see a problem with as long as you know that after awhile it will become a need to wear not just something to do when you want to, and being a need might take the fun out of it for you, at least I think it would for me, but everyone is different.

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    Depends on a lot of stuff. Who do you live with? Are you out in the open about your diapers?

    Its easy to do if you live alone. For instance I live on my own, I am going 24/7 for the next couple of days because my toilet is broken. Its one of the times not caring about wearing diapers is useful. But if you live with your parents still and they don't know this could end badly.

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    Naa i live alone i actually prefer wearing diapers yes i enjoy them but i think not having to worry about having a bathroom around would be amazing just go when u need too! Yes i can see where it will get rough with family and friends but if they really do care/or are my friends they wouldnt care .

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    Well good luck and as babykumar says, powder powder powder, at least if you don't want a very bad diapee rash

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    How about as far as your employer? Will this give you trouble?

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    it shouldn't i have actually heard of other people that wear them at my job so it should affect me. Of course if someone notices i could say i have always had bladder problems or something dont really matter but most people wont say anything anyways

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