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Thread: Introducing myself using the template =^-^=

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    Default Introducing myself using the template =^-^=

    1) Hello! Who are you?

    I'm an Australian (Hi all Aussies!) and I love nearly all things computer related. Not sure what else to say that I feel comfortabe with at the moment but yeah. Hi =^-^=

    2) What brings you here?

    I came across this site partialy because I'm a fur, but mainly because I'm having sleeping issues.. I'm in the process of been poked and proded but so far, I have no confirmed diagnosis. Hopeing this will all change before the end of the year.

    3) What are your other interests?

    Music. Making and mixing. PS3 gaming (tho my partner is the true gamer in the relationship). Also hoping to get a pair of aggresive inline skates after loosing my last pair during a move. hrmm.. Socialising.. um. yeah. Hanging with friends but aside from that, trying new things

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    I started as lurker, reading peoples stories, to try get an idea with whats wrong with me. After it not really helping and then trying to ignore the issue for, i dont know how long, I finaly decided to goto the doctors. Now I'm seeing a specalist and im gonna be trying something soon to try figure out whats going.. So I suppose im here keeping my account alive now becasue im wanting support or to find others who are in the same boat as me.. My age makes it hard to find anyone like me. (To be honest, I legitamtly forgot about my account here, I made it a while back..)

    So yeah. Hi everyone! and thanks to the people who started this site.. I might have never tried to do anything about my sleeping unless it werent for knowing im not alone etc..


    Just saw i only made my account a month ago... thought way more time then that had passed..
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    Welcome! I always love seeing the Cheat Sheet in action, so well done! There are plenty of gamers on here, although I haven't touched anything PS3 at all (I'm a tabletop and board gamer, although I loves me some 8- and 16-bit era action). So what sort of music do you make? Any stuff online to listen to? It's a bummer you lost your last pair of skates, as IIRC they're not inexpensive.

    Again, welcome!

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    Cheers thankyou =^-^=

    To be broad, I'm into rave music. I have a youtube channel if anyone is interested, just ask and I'll PM.

    I'm sorry, I would post the link here... but I kinda want to keep my identity seperate from here.. It's my understanding google will link me with it and people arent very understanding in my area of passion...

    What I would do to get my old Sega Master System 2 back.. I started with Alex the kid... actualy no.. I had an Atari with frogger!.. not sure what atari tho.. but yeah.

    Its ok about the blades.. was moving and couldn't take my mountain bike so I traded it with a mate.. After a year or 2 I had plenty of use out of em. Now I'm ready to upgrade to a more advanced style of blade.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome

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    Rave music eh? Could be worth a listen. Hopefully you'll stick around long enough to become Established so you can send PMs.

    I actually have played very little from the MasterSystem (I was an NES kid, and even now, I only know of one person that had a MasterSystem). The Sega Genesis, though, was good stuff!

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    I believe in Australia, the Genesis was called the "Megadrive".

    Yeah. I'm planning on sticking around. Even after getting a diagnosis and even if i'm able to be cured. I'll still hang around. I like making new friends and what not. People here seem understanding and non-judgmental etc.

    I think by the time I've been here active for a week I should easily have 20 posts (I think I read that that is whats required) so when that happens I'll give you my youtube and you will know a lot more about the person behind the blank avatar.

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    Hiya. Fellow fur here too.
    Looks like you joined before I did ad I tooused that cheat sheet thing.

    I too had a master system(older style) had the sega scope 3d system too. As well as the old atari system. I do have my Genesis still tho.
    I liked what I seen on this place so far and hope you have too :3

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    Thank you rockman2222 =^-^= much appreciated!

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    Heyas StargazerBleu! *waves paw*

    That cheat sheet is great isn't it! Gotta love stickies otherwise I might of not seen it.

    I've not heard of the Sega Scope? Might have to wiki that!

    Everyone has been really good here! I might ask my partner to join too cause he knows nearly everything there is to know about gaming and the industry surrounding it.

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