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Thread: Is this anybody on here (see link)

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    Nasty... that's just plain disgusting

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    Damn, I've been caught .

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    That is kinda disgusting.

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    Just wait until some AB gets caught and once again our community gets another black eye.

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    Sadly that does seem to be the pattern with these stories. Sad.

    Then again socialism has a bad wrap because of the USSR.
    (damn Americans specifically your right wing government)

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    that's just wrong at least they could throw them into a dumpster

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    this seems more like the work of a prankster than the work of an AB. All the same its a prankster with really awful taste. This is just gross.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebehuey View Post
    Nasty... that's just plain disgusting
    I agree. That word pretty much sums it up. I bag my used diapers up in individual plastic bags, and place them in my own trash to be collected by the city truck each week.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Just wait until some AB gets caught and once again our community gets another black eye.
    I hope this is just a prankster, but since it has been going on for possibly a year or more.....that takes some serious money and dedication to keep up such a prank. This would be one of the worst kind of 'black eye' our community could get,,,,,next to be associated as a pedophile.

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    Just what we need, something else to hurt out reputation. It is sad that a select few in our community don't know how to act correctly out the world. I just hope that if anyone, it was a younger person, who is just trying to get rid of them so their parents don't find out, although the story mentioned something about someone seeing a van, so maybe not. Either way, please for the sake of our community, stop doing stupid stuff!!!!!!! <-(only for those involved in the stupid stuff that hurts our community)
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