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Thread: Wetting/ Awkward Moments

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    Do you guys have any stories you'd like to share about wetting your plants in like an awkward situation. It could be when you were younger or just recently in adulthood. I just thought it would be cool to list all the odd or embarassing things that have happened to all of us at adisc. Here I'll just share one of mine. When I was probably 4 or 5 and just recently potty-trained I was playing in an indoor jungle jim (like one you would see in a mcdonalds) and was just too busy running around and when I decided to slide down a really large slide I accidentally just let loose. My mom was waiting for me at the bottom and when I arrived I was completely soaked. She didn't have any spare clothes so she had to grab my brother(7 years older)and his friend and drive home with me wet in the backseat. I remember sitting all cold and uncomfortable in the back seat as we drove. What are some of your stories?

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    When I was in fifth grade I accidentally wet myself, just waited too long to go I guess. Fortunately, it was on my way to the bathroom, and everybody else was in class at the time so I rushed into the bathroom and tossed my shorts into the sink and got them entirely wet so they didn't have an obvious wet spot.

    If anybody noticed my shorts getting a shade darker they never said anything, but talk about embarrassing just the same...

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    I can't remember a single pants-wetting incident outside of diaper leaks, although I did have a soiling accident once. I'm not a diaper-messer either, so it's not something I regard with any fondness! I was in 5th or 6th grade and not feeling well. I'd made it though the entire school day, but then literally seconds before the school bus arrived at my stop to let me off, I soiled myself. Luckily, I was sitting near the front of the bus, and made it off without anybody noticing. Unfortunately, my bus stop was still a fair distance from my house. I felt truly disgusted with myself as I trudged home in squishy pants, smelling like poop. Having never done such a thing before, I had no idea what to do besides throw my underwear in the garbage. My pants, which had been spared the worst of it, I rinsed out in the sink and threw in my clothes hamper. I was pretty sure my wet pants would lead to some kind of confrontation, but my mom never said anything. Whew!

    Ok, sorry, wrong bodily function!


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    I tried to hold it too long once on a road trip, completely lost control. Wet and messy. No clean clothes to speak of, 2 hours from home, other people in the car. It sucked.

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    Wetting or soiling is fine. Thanks for the input, keep em coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dbannn View Post
    Do you guys have any stories you'd like to share about wetting your plants
    I don't know about wetting my plants. Were you hoping Adam and Eve had some stories? :p

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    Sorry typed this up on an iPad, it's been known to screw up my spelling

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    To answer your question, my genuine accident moments were mostly confined to the pre-preschool years. I can't think of too many other incidents I would call "awkward" as opposed to traumatizing.

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    I had an issue in high school my freshmen year when going to the bathroom, thankfully no one noticed it.

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    I wet my pants in second grade, the teacher wouldnt let me go to the restroom, and when she finally did, it was to late. I just went to the nurse for spare clothes, and no one seemed to care, i wasn't embarrased either, i just went along like nothing happened.

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