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    Howdy all. My name's Matt. I'm new to the site, and wanted to say hi to everyone. I just learned about the forum, from a google search.

    I started out as a TB/DL, but now a days I'm more of a DL.

    I like astronomy, scary movies, halloween, paintball & video games.

    I'm hopeful to be able to chat with others. I'm actually a pretty shy person, and have never told anyone in real life about this kind of stuff. I'm in a pretty rural area without alot of people around. So I'm here to be able to interact with others.

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    Hey Matt! Welcome to ADISC. I see you're a fellow Okie :-) I'm in a rather urban area though.

    I'm a 32-year-old DL, married with two little girls. I have been able to spend a lot of time on ADISC recently because I'm out of town on a work assignment, and it has been a lot of fun catching up with the community. I like networking computers and playing guitar.

    I'm always happy to see new people sign up. It's the best forum I've found, and it's such a popular place - right now, the home page tells me 116 members and 370 guests(!) are here. I've been a member for a couple of years, but sometimes I'm rarely on here and sometimes I'm on a lot. I think ADISC has helped me be more social and less nervous as well. I hope you have a great time here!

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    welcome here
    I like paintball to, so what kind of games do you like to play, and what do you have for gear. I just ordered an apex 14" barrel for myself.

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    Thanks Whisko. Yeah, I've been pretty happy with this place so far.

    @Blacksmith. Me and my friends usually just play our own version of "Woodsball". We just basically go out to one of the group's land, split into teams, and have a shootout. Last team with a person wins. We've done alittle bit of capture the flag too. But everything has been so busy latley, we haven't had a chance to play in awhile. I've got two guns. Had them both for years, and never really wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on paintball guns. But I've got a Spyder Extra & a Tippmann 98 Custom. They've both been really good.

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    hey dude, always love meeting fellow paintballers I usally play some epic versons of our own "free for all" up here in our state parks

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