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    Cool Fun School Stuff

    So... i start way too many sentences with that word. ^^;;

    My senior physics class just recently got started into the FUN stuff in the class. Currently, we're doing structures with various materials, building approaches, etc.

    I, for one, am *particularly* jazzed about the toothpick bridge project. I did something like it my sophomore (for all the UK folks out there, freshman = grade 9, sophomore = grade 10, junior = 11, and senior = 12) year, and i think i did a pretty good job on it. This year, i'm gonna blow the rest of the class away with my design!

    Have any of you guys ever had a school project, trip, etc. that you were just super excited about? post! ^^

    begin thread.... NOW.

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    In Spanish Class we are turning a story into a short movie, and it's alright because we goof of since we are all terrible actors/actresses. In my other classes there isn't anything fun saddly.

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