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Thread: Bought my first pack :D

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    Default Bought my first pack :D

    I got the pack of 6 colored Depends "underwear."

    I have to say, I am not entirely happy. I was super excited to get my first diapers, but they aren't really diapers.

    The only store close enough to me is a Walgreens, but they don't have "briefs." From what I understand, the briefs are more like diapers.

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    Hi Allie Cat . Sorry you ended up with the underwear . Every Walgreens I have been to carry Walgreens certainty Fitted Briefs which are a pretty decent store brand as it turns out (better than depends). If you do make it back there I would check them out they are in a blue package . Good luck I hope your second purchase works out!

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    Yeah they are not they great. Look at it this way, it will make the next thing you get seem better.
    Depends was my first diaper I tried too.

    If you ever get a chance I would say get something from Bambino's or ABU(adult baby universe) even if its a sample pack.

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    Go to XPMedical and get some'll be please beyond belief.

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