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Thread: Looking for ya'lls input

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    Default Looking for ya'lls input

    I recently turned 18 this past thursday, and I wanted to ask ya'll 'What did you do when you turned 18? or how did you feel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jameslouisiana View Post
    I recently turned 18 this past thursday, and I wanted to ask ya'll 'What did you do when you turned 18? or how did you feel?
    Was any other day for me. I kept it simple. With family we went out to eat then had some cake at home, nothing complex. The only reason being 18 matters so much is what we human make it to be. 50 thousadn years ago being 18 didn't mean you were an adult, it could have meant you went from child to "warrior" or something. So it's up to you to decide what it means to you. Do what you feel makes you happy. I know many went to parties over night but i was happy keeping it simple, i don't regret it one bit.

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    It wasn't a big deal for me either. As Krone6 mentioned it is only what you make of it.
    Society is what makes it into a big deal.
    I too say just be happy and be yourself.

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    The 13th is my 18th birthday. Going out to eat, then coming home and doing what I do every other day. Nothing too special, I guess.

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    We went out to eat at my favorite chinese restauraunt. It was great, but it wasn't all that unusual. Just another day.

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    What everyone else said, nothing too exciting.

    There was really no big "hey, I'm an adult now" feeling because Like a lot of people I was still staring down the barrel of several more years of school, and still living with my parents. I didn't really have that "omg I'm an adult" realization until much later (when I was buying my house actually.. was at the bank and it all kinda hit me, but I shant digress).

    That's not to put a damper on your spirits. As others said, it is what you make it. If you feel this is a major turning point in your life, then make it that... but don't feel like it has to be or that you are now expected to behave in some different way now. Life is way too short for that kinda stuff.

    Also, congrats!
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    Happy Birthday, first of all!! <3 *sings and hand cupcake to*

    My 18th was in July. I always have large parities (200+ people) so it's not like anything special on the 18th one. XD We had a pool party with cake, food... and what do I do? Fall into the pool and break my ankle. Party over and the ambulance had to come and get me. Lol! Friends and family mooched off of my party until I got home from the ER. Great way to spend your birthday.

    It was really exciting for me to turn 18. I know alot of people don't think it's special, but you're offically legal in the US. You can, theoretically, make your own decisions about stuff. Voting. Gambing.. come on! Who doesn't like to press their luck every now and again.


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    Oh mine was super exciteing, I sat on my ass on my bed just like I do for every other birthday. My family/Friends must not care, this year is the first year i am actually doing something. my new GF is takeing me out to dinner but wont tell me where.

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    oh and ps my 22nd is on Monday, on my 21st I didnt even go out to drink or do anything.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    My 18th was during exams so we had to wait until we finished until we celebrated, since you can drink at 18 over here we went out to town to celebrate my birthday/end of exams which went most of my year was out so it was awesome. We stayed out until 8am and was totally worth it.

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    well for my 18th bday I had a party with friends and family ( no drinking) taco fries to eat. yum
    and instead of gifts, I raised m

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    money for missions

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