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Thread: Your First RL Meetup.

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    Default Your First RL Meetup.

    I know and understand that Adisc is not a dating/meetup site. But i also know that many friendships are sparked from this site and that eventually we all get the urge to meetup with someone that lives near us or if we both happen to be visiting the same area at the same time... etc etc.

    I may have such an opportunity in the very near future to meet another ABDL/Babyfur IRL. Just so happened to find out he lives only minutes from where i work and in a rather small town. So i was pleasantly surprised. We have chatted online (off of Adisc) and have decided to meet up sometime soon.

    To be honest, I am a little nervous/scared/excited all at the same time.

    Just looking for advice and your experiences on how your first meet-up went. And fyi, i am only talking about a purely friendship type thing, not romantic.

    Anyway... let me here your stories/advice. Unless it went horribly bad, then don't tell me. I am already nervous enough.

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    Well, I have a friend of mine I hang around with who is into AB and diapers, but that is not the basis of our friendship. We hang out, play games, talk and shoot the shit. We don't focus on the AB thing or diapers because to both of us, that's not what the friendship is all about. It's about having common interests, having fun together and enjoying the friendship. We actually met through the now-defunct and chatted over common interests such as video games and sports.

    Some advice is to not let the AB thing be the focal point of the friendship. It can get old after a while and you want to have other things to have in common more than diapers and being AB. And no, we don't wear diapers together when we hang out or play baby as it would be too weird for both of us.

    That's my best advice there. Don't let the AB thing be the focal point of the friendship and just enjoy what you have in common with each other.


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    Prior to being active here, I went to a few general meet-ups. There wasn't anything scary or creepy but there wasn't much connection either. It was nice just being with people who knew about the ABDL thing and didn't care but that alone wasn't enough to make it more than a curiosity for me. When I joined here, prompted by a very interesting thread from someone in my neck of the woods (we may get that member's observations as well if you're lucky), we wound up talking. After some time of PMs back and forth, I suggested that we meet and it came off so much better than the previous outings. Having some basis for conversation beyond diapers was key. If I'm meeting a friend, even for the first time, it's bound to come off better than just someone with whom I share one pretty narrow (even if important) interest.

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    >has yet to go to one
    >in the process of setting one up for the Northern Virginia/Tristate region
    >people are more willing than I'd originally imagined to meet up
    >fun times

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    My first was a one to one meet with a user on here. We were both clearly nervous but got on well, went around places he wished to visit in London as he was touring around the UK and Europe. We hardly had any AB talks, but of course it popped up now and again but didn't get involved in any activities as we didn't want to do any of it.

    It went pretty well that we met up a few times more while he was around London. After a while he carried on to do some parts of Europe touring.

    A couple of weeks later I met him again... This time on the first ADISC (back then TBDL) meet. As we was both nervous again for the new people we both built up together the courage to go and meet the rest of the forum peeps. Even that day it went pretty well.

    So my advice is to meet up and learn on how you can get along with each other in the flesh. It's always different than behind the screens. Don't get involved in any activities if you're uncomfortable or nervous. Just walk around town, have pizza, go to zoo and whatever sparks you two have and enjoy the day.

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    My first one was a bust. We didn't have much in common outside of the baby/CT role, and was a little bland/boring for me...

    Next time I met someone (current baby gal ) it went much smoother, but we ended up talking for a year before meeting, so I found we had plenty to talk about/do when we finally met, and lots in common.

    I'd say 'getting to know' the person as much as you can will help to take some of the awkwardness/nervousness out. And not just typical questionnaires (music, movies, ect- although you can find some great middle ground in these areas!)... but to just talk plenty as much as you can to 'get to know' the person. Don't meet unless your comfortable, make sure someone else knows where you're going when you do, and try and meet somewhere in public for a first/second meeting.

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    While I have no input on this topic, I will be following this thread very intently. I haven't had a meetup yet but I am looking into going to a littles munch in my area. I've had very little success making friends IRL the normal way but perhaps I'll be able to open up more when I don't have any secrets to hide. Even at church functions I tend to hug the wall and go unnoticed. But I keep pushing myself to go to events to meet people and perhaps the wall will finally be broken down sometime soon.

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    First meetup with anyone from the "scene" for me was in uh... I don't know, must have been like 2001ish or so maybe. I read an advert on a German ABDL site, by someone who was looking for a mommy. I got curious and texted him. We didn't do anything nappy related on the first meeting, but pretty quickly got to it when I went to his place for the first time. I also had my "first time" with him. Was not good. And apart from that he pretty much used me, to put nappies on him and get turned on on the phone, and he told me to put all sorts of weird things in his diaper once. But I changed him in public in front of a camera in a bank, that was a thrill. lol. Apart from that he was probably the greatest idiot I have ever met, he got me into a pretty dangerous situation once as well. I won't go into detail, but I am very glad that this chapter of my life is over.
    On another occasion, I randomly met someone from Dublin on a visit there; I'd got to know him online also and we met in Dublin city and then went to a hotel there and did some really nice roleplaying. Was extremely arousing and comfy and all, I'd fallen for him as well but as it happens, he didn't feel the same. And after that meeting we pretty much didn't get in touch anymore.

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    I've only met up with one other person. It was fun metting someone who was alos into the whol AB/DL scene. However, my advice is that you find some other common interest. When I met up with my online buddy we sorta found out that we only had a few things in common, at least that's how I felt. It can get pretty awkward if you find out the only thing you have in common is wearing diapers. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodie View Post
    It can get pretty awkward if you find out the only thing you have in common is wearing diapers. :P

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