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Thread: Adult Baby Bouncer Seat

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    Thumbs up Adult Baby Bouncer Seat

    Just stumbled across this quite by accident while doing some Google image searching for vintage baby gear items. This adult size baby bouncer model was part of the Baby Bjorn display at the ABC Kids Expo held in Kentucky last month: Look! Baby Bouncer For Adults | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh

    This is just what the AB market could use, judging by interest shown on ADISC for teen/adult sized baby gear items. Sounds like the adults who tried it out loved it! Wish I could have been there!


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    Cool yo. Nice find! Maybe we could get more ab sites to advertise those? Idk, just a thought.

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    I would definitely buy one of those! I like those papasan chairs, this is more-or-less a remake of one of those, and would look like a gaming or relaxing chair to the untrained observer. Cool! An AB chair tht can sit out in plain sight, and people not know what they're looking at! Love it!


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    Have to make one correction after looking at the MagicBeans link - this was at the 2008 ABC Expo when it was still held in Las Vegas. Though I'm sure they also have adult size models at the newer shows. Have to see if there's other photos posted anywhere on the net. A few years back, it was either Moo or Peachy who mentioned they have adult size baby gear items at European baby/kids trade shows, too.

    Just imaging how it would feel to sit back in one of these bouncy seats with it gently bobbing with your movement...while snuggling your favorite blankie or plushie. And with a binky or bottle to suck on while you bob, before you know it you'd be...Zzzzzzzzz


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    Interesting find... very interesting. lol. Looks comfortable enough I will admit. Though to be honest I have never really experimented with baby furniture because of cost, space and well... no real desire to at this time. But damn, ain't that interesting!


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    Oh my God, if my Mommy/Daddy were to buy one of these for me - I really would be ZZZzzzzing out. Ultimate security and comfort...

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    This looks actually really comfy, like from a non-ABDL point of view it looks like it would be an amazing reading/gaming chair. I wonder how they are made, because with the right tools, some materials and a little cash it couldn't be that hard to make for yourself. I'd totally be willing to do that too, and one could easily pass it off as some random building project you found online and took interest in or something, it doesn't necessarily have to be presented as AB furniture.

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    idk about you but it looks pretty simple to make. Now only if i had the tools.
    Click image for larger version. 

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