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Thread: Shopping List - Recommendations?

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    Question Shopping List - Recommendations?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to buy some more ABDL stuff and would like recommendations on trustworthily and good quality sellers. The main items I'm currently after are:

    Plastic Pants
    My current medical grade plastic pants are coming apart at the seams and the leg elastic is really uncomfortable. I'm looking to buy 3 or more sets of plastic pants. The sort I'm looking for are the non-buttoned type, in plain or baby print, with wide/comfy leg elastic.

    I'm after at least a couple of onesies. Ideally some that are plain (for wearing to work etc) and some that are more babyish (also for wearing to work etc!). Hopefully not too expensive.

    I'd quite like a NUK5 pacifier and maybe a bottle. I've currently got actual baby ones but I'm wondering if the larger type would be better.

    Cotton Sleepers
    I love my Primark fleece sleepers, but unfortunately its usually way to warm to actually wear them to bed! I've heard that you can get cotton adult sized sleepers, which sound ideal. Failing that a recommendation on where to get air conditioning installed for free would be great

    Ideally I'd like to purchase all from one place but I'm not sure that'll be practical. Price is a bit of a factor but I'm willing to pay for good quality. Not too concerned about discreet shipping as long as it's quick and reliable service.

    Thanks in advance

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    For plastic pants, you probably want Fetware or Plain onesies you can get from Easy Access Clothing for cheap, and babyish you can get from Privatina for hellishly expensive (Privatina onesies, however, come in an extremely wide range of styles and colours, and are great quality). The chief suppliers of NUK5 are PacifiersRUs, and jersey cotton sleepers can be got from Funzee at decent prices.

    Hope these help!

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    For the plastic pants, onesie (plain), and Nuk 5, I recommend using
    However I know you can also find some plain onesies and babykins for a fair price.

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    Look into for plastic pants. I am using them from there and they work very well. Very comfortable too after you get used to them in general and not bad of a price.

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    Thanks all, some interesting suggestions there. I think babykins doesn't ship to the UK though. Probably should have mentioned that in my post

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    Thanks all, some interesting suggestions there. I think babykins doesn't ship to the UK though. Probably should have mentioned that in my post
    Yup, probably should have The places i buy from probably won't do over seas, if they do it'll cost you way more. I can only give you american shipping places since that's where i live.

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    I have bought most of my ab/dl clothing from this site.
    Onesies, Rompers items in Big Baby Boutique by LL store on eBay!

    Every thing is very well made and the Lady is so nice to deal with.

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