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    Default Hi everyone just your average person

    Hey guys It's me, I've been a bed wetter since i was in the sixth grade, and have worn Diapers ever since then. It wasn't until recently that I started to become a problem during the daytime, In which I was no longer able to control my bladder. It took me a long time to admit to my self that I needed to see a doctor. Along with that I had testical pain which was extremely painful. After having a few daytime accidents I finally realized how serious this was. So I was wearing protection full-time. I was so devastated that I took a leave of absence for a couple of weeks while I saw one urologist who said it was in my head. Yea sure, grrrr. After that incident I saw my GP and she referred me to a new urologist. Which I was given a little antibiotics and things seem to go away. I'm better now, But i still have a weak bladder and have issues time to time.

    As for my self I love rock climbing and going skateboarding with my sector 9 long board on the strand. I love shopping like any other girl, and spending time with friends. I love wake boarding and water skiing as well. If you have any questions for me please feel more then free to ask.
    Thanks for you time

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    Yeah another female there is a lot of guys on this site we are kinda outnumbered! i love to shop as well if i had the money. Enjoy ADISC!

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    Great introduction and welcome to the site. I'm sure the other female members will be glad to swell the ranks by one. We are a good group on adisc and well moderated, so this is probably the best tb/ab/dl site out there. Anyway, I hope the site meets your needs. In addition to discussing many different topics we are good at supporting one another when things happen in life.

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