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Thread: I want an online mummy or daddy!!

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    Default I want an online mummy or daddy!!

    Hi everyone,

    i really need an online mummy or daddy to take care of me by email!
    My friend committed suicide 4 days ago, and some rotton scum bags sent me photo's of him, after he had died, foaming at the mouth
    etc... So i am a 6 month old baby girl, who would be totally
    dependent on their new mummy or daddy!! Please email me, and try to send me mail everyday telling me how they would look after me just like i was there with you, being diapered, nursed, burped, cuddled, stories etc... Awaiting a much needed diaper change!!

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    I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. I send my condolences. However it is in the rules that ADISC is not a dating site. This is not a place for Personal Ads.
    Why don't you try making an introductory thread and tell us a little more about yourself. I'm sure you will find ADISC to be a community of people willing to help

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    Likewise, my heart goes out to you regarding the sad death of your friend, but I'm afraid what you're looking for is too much to ask of this particular community. Besides, most of us are looking for that as well...!

    Like Mandy says, feel free to introduce yourself and in the meantime, I hope you feel better soon

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    I know how it feels to lose a friend because 7 years ago my friend, his brother, and I when golfing to a field near my house and I hit him with my club. He died latter that day. My friend's family never blamed me and I have since stop contacting him (a long story that I hope to post on ADISC soon).

    Good luck finding a mommy.

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    I too am sorry to hear about your friend.

    However, as mentioned by the previous posters, this is not the place to post personal ads. Thus, I'm closing this thread.

    Feel free, though, to make a new post (without the personal ad) introducing yourself or asking for support regarding your friend's death.

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