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Thread: Oh... Hai :3

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    Default Oh... Hai :3

    Im new here and hopefully i'll be active without my noosy dad finding out some of the things I do on the interweb. Anyways ive found out a couple months ago that I am I DL and im also wonder how can I get diapers discreetly without my mom or dad finding out.

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    Welcome EpicPie! (That's an awesome UserName, btw XD)
    Yeah, I'm in the same situation too.

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    Welcome to the site. Everyone here is usually quite helpful. Try out the Wiki and you will see articles on getting and hiding diapers. It's an often discussed topic.

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    Thanks guys. My plan is to try and get to the mail man first but i always stay up late at night playing games so that might be a bit difficult because I wake up at like 4 pm in the afternoon, lol. :/

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    Hey I've seen you around a couple of times, but welcome to Adisc anyway !

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    If you stay up late enough that you're waking up at 4 in the afternoon, I'm thinking you are going to bed pretty late in the morning. I'd suggest pulling an all-nighter, however, you never exactly know when things get delivered to you. Your best bet would be to get your sleep schedule into whack.

    Anyway, welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redtails View Post
    Hey I've seen you around a couple of times
    Where? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicPie View Post
    Where? lol
    I meant in threads here on the forums, no worries

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