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    ... So this is kind of an extension of this thread > < and also, brought about by an awesome advertising campaign I was researching.

    It also comes about, partly, because I have an in-built prejudice against almost all films produced before the late 80's - something I frequently feel guilty about.

    So... My question...

    What 'classics' - or recognised 'great films' - haven't you seen yet?

    I, personally, have never seen anything with Steve Martin, Burt Reynolds or Dean Martin in it. I've also never seen any of the 'Rocky' franchise.

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    I've always refused to see Pirates of the Caribbean. lol.

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    Get that sheet out from in front of my window! So what if I haven't seen "The Godfather". Is that a crime? Actually it almost is in the neighborhood I used to live in. Was gang central and The Godfather and Scarface(didn't see this either) were deities there. I think the only reason why I was safe there was because I was the crazy white guy with the wild hair in the ghetto that never spoke to anyone and everyone thought I was a serial killer.

    Oh yeah, I haven't seen any of the Rocky movies either.

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    I've been making something of an effort to see the noteworthy movies. I like old movies anyway, so it's not like this counts as anything hard for me to do. It's not really systematic but looking over this list, I see I've covered quite a lot of them. Of the top twenty there, I'm only missing Singin' in the Rain and City Lights and probably another ten overall. There are more movies that I'd consider "classic" that aren't on this list, but it's a fair start.

    Observations on other posters thus far:

    Early Steve Martin, i.e, The Jerk and other movies through 1991 are generally a good bet. After that, he becomes very unfunny in my opinion, which is a big loss. I think he's just fine in The Spanish Prisoner but it's a completely serious role and he's not the main character but it's worth seeing as a Mamet film. Burt Reynolds is more of an icon of an age (the 70s) than a brilliant actor but he was in some good movies, such as The Longest Yard (1974) and Deliverance. I also understand Boogie Nights is quite good but I haven't seen it. I think I've only seen Dean Martin (aside from as a performer) in the original Ocean's Eleven and I wasn't knocked out. He's often with Frank Sinatra and my personal distaste for him as a person tends to incline me away from his acting, although he was very good in From Here to Eternity. The first Rocky movie is worth it. The last one had some good reviews but I've only ever seen the first.

    There's nothing classic about any of the Pirates of the Carribean movies, which is no comment on whether or not they are enjoyable (I quite liked the first one).

    I'm not generally a fan of movies about the mob but I try to cover the important ones. I think The Godfather stands up. Scarface less so in my opinion. Goodfellas is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    ... I, personally, have never seen anything with... Burt Reynolds.
    wouldn't that be like never having been to church, in some parts of the U.S.?
    i grew up on Burt an' i love him. it's weird, he's a man's man, a woman's man and, pertinently for me, a boy's man (i think that girls like him too, but don't like to let on - i've never heard a girl slag him off, anyway). pity about his plastic face, of late; were it not for that, he probably would've got more work in indie films and gained a bigger cult following amongst younger folk (thereby ending his money problems?).

    as for classics which i've never seen......does Psycho count?
    i've heard and read all the blah-blah-blah on those telly schedule-fillers and Sunday Paper run-offs, but it just looks seriously boring, to me. like, i've interrupted better dreams to fart.

    and i think that i've seen or have got all of [what i regard as] the classics, and that creates a problem in itself as i don't want to ruin the experience of watching them by watching them too often. consequently, i've got vids that i've only watched once or twice (eg. most Coen brothers' films).

    with regard to the Pirates of the Carribean series, they're definitely watchable but i think there's too many of them to become regarded as classics. or maybe they will; i've not seen the latest one, yet, and i was actually put off by the first one, with it's slow start, that i stopped watching before it got decent (as i found out at a later viewing).

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    Aladdin, I never thought it looked that interesting.

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    Pretty much any mob movie
    gone with the wind,
    citizen kane,
    Anything with Clint Eastwood,
    Anything with Charlton Heston,
    Anything with John Wayne.
    Dislike most anything with Burt reyolds. (I perfer Tom Seleck. Might as well be the same guy anyhow.)
    Woody Allen's stuff.

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    Almost all of them. My GF is slowly introducing me to all the oldies, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dandelionwine View Post
    I've always refused to see Pirates of the Caribbean. lol.
    wasnt allowed to watch that movie until just recently so i havent seen it yet.

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