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    On average an how long should a assurance diaper last with a baby diaper cut from the front to back (avoiding the middle)? i only ask this b/c i got a case of diaper rash a few times.


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    If you are getting rash then obviously you are staying in the diaper for too long & your urine is very acidic.

    There are two options here.

    #1: Change more often

    #2: Drink more water

    With super-absorbant diapers it's not always about capacity. Sometimes the diaper can hold more than your skin can take.

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    If your getting rash get some barrier (cream), something with zink oxide.

    Buy diaper cream, not an ointment, the cream will sink into your pours, ointment seems to rub off,and not do as good of a job for protection, then you can stay in a wet diaper much longer.

    Worked for me....

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    If you want you could buy some bladder control pads and use them inside your diaper. you can usually get like a whole lot of them for a pretty good price. if you dont like that idea the baby diaper inside a diaper works too.

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