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Thread: Sooo my little lion said I should say "Hi".

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    Default Sooo my little lion said I should say "Hi".

    On that note, Hi! My name is Kitats. I am a mommy Lioness but not just any mommy, I am the Mommy to one absolutely amazing mischievous cub named Statik.

    Our story is unique and real but in no way perfect. We have known each other for ten years now. Although, those ten years have a story behind it. If you already know Statik then I'm sure you might be aware of the story but if not you're more than welcome to read it since he did post it here.

    I love him to pieces and we have a mother/son bond that no one can ever break. I joined this site because Statik is here and when it comes to my little fur, well I want to be where he is. Not to mention he talks about this place and really likes what the site represents since other sites fail to do so. I wanted to check it out too annnnnd maybe get a chance to know others as well.

    A little about me, well for starters my name is Kitats pronounced... *KihTaks* which is STATIK backwards. Yes, my cub came up with that. I absolutely love it. It's kind of funny when you think about it but when you say Statik and Kitats really fast it sounds like "STATIK ATTACKS". Probably what he do if someone tried to steal me, you should see the way he eyes people down on places like DiaperSpace waiting to pounce but nothing a little playful head fur noogie can't solve. I swear it wasn't planned to have our names combined like that but apparently mommies have tricks up their sleeves too. Just don't tell him that, he still likes to think he is in charge but we all know better.

    In reality my name serves multiple purposes even if it's not something one can pronounce. It's a reminder to Statik that Mommy is ALWAYS watching. Standing in the shadow of my cub if you will. I am a caring, nurturing, and loving mommy who will do anything to protect my young. Although, from what he's already told me of this place I don't think I'll have to worry about that too much.

    Anyways, I'm sure once I get the hang of everything I will be good to go here. I guess that is all for now. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Hope to get to know others here, especially fellow mommies. Feel free to ask any questions, I don't bite but my cub might. XOXO!

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    Beaming with pride here. Stumbling on words even.

    Words can't express at this moment what you mean to me. I hope everyone welcomes you with open arms, paws, feathers, tentacles or whatever they may have. I know I have. Thank you for deciding to join the site after all, that decision is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because well, it's you. Bad because well, now I have to really watch what I say hehe.

    No questions for me to ask because I already know you, like my own shadow, right? Oh look I snuck a question in there anyway. ;]

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    Welcome to ADISC, I'm also new here. Do you have anything else to express yourself; personal interests, favourite sport, colour etc. In short, Aww - That is all.

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    Awww, that was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. Seriously, though, it sounds like you two have a very special thing going on there.

    So tell us, what makes you, you? Any hobbies, interests, activities that are interesting?

    And again, welcome!

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    Hi Both,
    Welcome to Adisc Kitats. Great another 2 furries, that should provide enough fur so my 2nd adopted son can have a fur coat as well, he will be pleased! .

    Seriously, I won't go through my usually blurb as I'm sure your cub will lead you through everything you should know, but how about telling us a little more about you.

    So why not tell us a little about your hobbies and interests, tastes in books, music and movies. If you need some inspiration have a look at as there are some good ideas in it.

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    I thought it was good personally and no I'm not bias given our relationship. It had length, length to me shows that someone made a effort to care. If her profile was blank or vague then I could understand the need for further questions but it's not blank at all so I have to give her props on a job well done.

    Actually rereading she did ask if they were any questions so I'm kinda at a loss here. Poor girl was nervous already typing all this up so the last thing I want is her to feel overwhelmed but that's just the protector in me acting on natural instinct.

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    You know whats so funny? Statik kept telling me you need to post more about YOU!

    I just honestly didnt know what to say. I was starting to get a forum complex because I have been checking out this site for a few weeks on and off and it was not like any ordinary ab/dl forum. It is more mature.

    About me....all in random order:

    I am an Aquarius yet I am not that great of a swimmer.

    I love to sleep to dream yet I can hardly ever remember the dream when I wake up.

    I was adopted at 3 days old, I am 35 but literally look parents are 83 & 86, I have 4 very older brothers and 1 sister aging from 46-64 and 33 Nieces and Nephews with a brand new great niece that will be here in about 3 weeks.
    My oldest niece is 36 and my youngest nephew is 21. My oldest great niece is 10 and my youngest great nephew is 2.

    I am in love with my life, family and friends. Although, I love to meet new people.

    I love 80's movies and music. My favorite movies are Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Pretty in Pink, Star Wars *But im not a Trekkie*, Dirty Dancing, Footloose *Original*, etc etc.

    I love love love music, I love Texas Country and Old Country, from Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings to Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift and anything and everything in between. I <3 80's rock, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Ozzy, The Black Keys, Soundgarde, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Eminem, Drum n Bass, Techno, Oh I could go on forever.

    I love Cupcakes and Couponing...I would love to be a semi extreme couponer.

    For 15 years I worked with my mother in her home daycare that she had for almost 50 years before she retired and then for 2 years I was the Lead Teacher of a PreK class before I changed careers and joined Corporate America. I now work for a top Commercial Insurance Broker and love my job.

    I love thrifting, Shopping, Camping, Mudding, Floating the River in New Braunsfels, 4 Wheeling, Playing Cards, Netflix is my new found love, Im not a gamer but I love board games and stuff like that. Im a textaholic.

    I have always been fascinated with AB's from the first time I ever seen or heard anything about it and that was on the Geraldo or Sally Jessy Raphael show..cant remember which one but I was like 16 or so...I never even knew anything like that existed. The thought of adults in diapers and being treated like infants fascinated wasnt until 1999 I got my first computer and was messing around on AOL and decided to type in Adult Diapers and wow...a whole new world opened up before my very eyes. I even found chat groups. From there my love for being a mommy grew. I never knew anything about this...good ole internet changed my life forever.

    I was never into wearing...never had the desire or want to...I always knew I would be a mommy since I was a little girl.

    Well know you randomly know a little about me. If you want to know more or have any questions feel free to ask.

    I should have done this in the first place.

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    Very interesting bio. I too was adopted, though at the age of two. I'm sure it has contributed to my liking diapers, as I knew I wanted to be back in them by the time I was 4.

    80's movies are interesting. It's almost like you could tell a movie was made in the 80's just from seeing it. They have their own feel. I love 16 Candles. Anyway, welcome to the site. You are part of the family now.

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    Yay! I was the last foster child my parents had. They were foster parents in NY for a long time and had many children...I just happened to be the last foster they received at three days old....35 years later I am still with the same family...Im not technically adopted its just easier to say that but they had all legal rights to me since I was born.

    As for 80's movies..I love Molly Ringwald but my first love was Corey Haim *sigh*

    And thanks im glad I am a part now!

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    Hi Again,
    Down Statik, I wasn't haven't a go, just trying to get to know your mummy a bit better, now be a good cub and go back to sleep while we adults talk .

    Hi Kitats, thanks for the update. I wish I had been fostered or adopted, but that's a long story in stories if you're interested. I'm not sure what Texas Country is although I think I like it. As for you love of old Country music, I guess that makes me a very , as not only do I like the ones you mention, but also people like Marty Robbins, Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatts, Red Sovine, Tex Ritter, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Foggy Mountain breakdown Boys, Jim reeves and a load of others you've probably never heard of.

    I can remember Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valense dying. I am a trekkie, liked some of the star wars films (the 1st three that were released) top gun, favourite Films is prob Saving Private Ryan and whilst not a film, Band of Brothers. I really like films that are based on a true story, especially WW2 ones.

    However your answer's have I'm afraid raised a few more questions, probably due to as Sir Winston Churchill said "2 great nations, divided by a common language".

    So, in no particular order, what is:

    A Noogie?
    A semi extreme couponer?
    A PreK class?
    4 Wheeling? (4x4 off road driving?).

    Finally it is great to meet such a genuine Mummy. There are a few around, but true ones are rare and I hope Statik appreciates exactly what he has got. If he doesn't, let me know, I'll shoot him for his fur and replace at the same time.

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