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    Default I am Tom...Hi.

    Hi! my username is IamTom, (i am a girl though)
    I don't know what to say about my personality its always changing, most the time i am very outgoing, even though i can be very shy. But i am an open person and i am honest, ask me anything and i'll tell you. I am currently seeking a major in Theater and Animation. I'm also thinking of Theology because i am talking with my boyfriend about starting a ministry eventually. I am currently employed as a vet assistant.
    What brings me here is well i recently learned that there was a whole community revolving around the hidden feeling i have felt the majority of my life, and i am curious to learn more.
    As i said i'm into theatre, i love acting and i love the technical work. I am heavily into anime, but enjoy other animation styles as well, and i also like to paint and other art projects. I like to shop, hang out with friends, go to concerts, spend time with my bf. out of this website i hope to become more understanding of myself. Also i am doing a research project over Infantilism/regression, to better understand myself and others like me. If anyone wishes to take part in a survey for me (please!!! i need to pass my class!!!) i would be very very very very happy just send me a private message or email me at my email and i will send you the questionarre thankyou.

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    Greetings iamtom,

    IamJack...TheWriter. Welcome to ADISC. I think it is great that you are looking to start a ministry in the future. While you didn't specify, I am gonna step out on a limb and guess it would be a Christian ministry. We have a nice group for Christians here if you want to check it out.Christians -

    As for the anime are you a producer or a consumer? There are many artist here(especially among the babyfur ranks) so you'll be in good company either way. I can't even draw a stick figure but I love some of the artwork I've seen here.

    I'd like to close with welcoming you once again and I hope to see you on the boards.

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    If you go into the ministry, your drama background could be put to good use. I'm a church musician and I've done countless plays, musicals and cantatas. It's very rewarding. So welcome to the site. I think you can find out a lot about yourself just by reading and becoming involved in the many threads dealing with the subject. I wish you the best.

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    welcome here I to enjoy theater both watching and the technical parts ( sound and lighting) this summer I saw a very good local muiscal production of Beuty and the Beast

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    Thankyou all for making me feel very welcome and giving me advice, to answer your question JacktheWriter, i both enjoy watching anime and i love to draw it. I really enjoy it. and i realized that i cannot send private i cannot conduct my survey.... i will be posting a 2 Threads one where it gives the questions to my survey and one to where you can send me an email if no one feels comfortable with answering the questions on the thread. Please look for iamtom's Survey questions or iamtomsurveyemail(: thanks. and thats cool you got to see beauty and the beast, Blacksmith! ive always wanted to see that production.

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    ok i take it back....i can't post a new thread for the questions.......i forgot how to post a new thread....waaaaaaa!!!

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    sorry take it back again, found out how, posted survey questions, you can send me your answers in a private message thankyou and sorry all...not use to using forums or nothin....*awkward silence*

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    Welcome Tom, I'm Nick, and I'm glad you've found ADISC! It can be very comforting to know that there's an entire community behind your interest; hopefully you'll come across some folks who can help you with any questions you have, and if you have any you'd like to throw my way I'll answer to the best of my ability :)

    What anime do you like? Me, I'm into classic anime like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Wolf's Rain, Outlaw Star, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the list goes on! I'm not too good at drawing anime, or drawing for that matter, though I have made some sculptures in art class I'm quite proud of! As for theater, the city where I'm from is very big on the arts, and my school regularly goes to the acts they put on. I went to see Dracula last year; when Dracula spits on the cross and flames burst from it, I've become a fan :P

    Also, once you've been around for a week I think it is you'll be able to PM people, the level system is there to root out spammers or insincere people, so bare with it for now!

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    ello nick, my top favorite anime are full metal alchemist, naruto, and fruits basket...well i take it back on fruits basket...the manga is waaaay better than the anime. the anime did not do it justice at all! what kind of sculptures did you make? i'm not too good at clay sculptures myself, but i have done quite well so far with plaster.

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