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Thread: Here is my introduction. Hello fellow friends!

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    Default Here is my introduction. Hello fellow friends!

    Well here it goes.
    A little about me. I started my career fresh out of high school as a metal working engineer. I have a beautiful daughter, and now i also have 3 basically step boys. I got a divorce when my daughter was a year old, and have since found a wonderful woman and have been together now for 4 years. We have lived together for 3, but we are in no rush to get married. If we do, were going to Tahiti and getting married on the beach in flip flops and shorts! WooHoooo!
    I am a very laid back and open minded person, I dont like to judge people or make anybody feel like they dont belong.

    The reason I decided to join this site, was basically to read all of the posts. I find it enjoyable to read what other peoples experiences and thoughts are.I will take this time now to apologize if im slow responding to anyone, I am by no means a computer whiz, I dont even post on my facebook account, I only got that because i was tired of my friends yelling at me for not having one.
    I am an AB/DL. I dont know why i have the feelings i have for diapers and being babied, but i embrace it, I can remember back to when i was a little kid and enjoying diapers. It was about when I was 16 that i realized i really liked the AB side of it as well.

    Other interest I have are camping, motorcycles, boating, being with friends and family, BBQ'in on nice summer day, movies, racing (cars and motorcycles)
    I really enjoy building legos as well as collecting them. Im a big football and baseball fan. Oh and I also enjoy flying RC Helicopters, I currently have 14 helis from a mini 100 up to my align 700.
    From what ive seen so far, This site is a great site. I look forward to all the future post and seeing how everyone is doing. Thanks for letting me join ADISC.

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    Hi Devypooh,
    welcome to Adisc. that's a really good intro you have written. You say youhave a new partner, is she aware of your ab/dl side and does she participate in any way? As far as hobbies and interets go, what sort of books, music and movies are you into to?

    I'm sure you will find loads of support here, sofor now I suggest you find a few forums you like the look of and jump in and enjoy. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    Hello PCBaby,
    And thank you!
    Yes, my girlfriend is well aware of my abdl side. She actually new before we even started dating so I nevered had to come out to her so to speak. She pretty much engages in all of my abdl activities, as well as she enjoys making me onesies and other baby clothes.
    Im actually not really into books, I can read websites and magazines but I usually can't sit still long enough for a good book. My girlfriend loves reading, especially vampire books. I love action movies, but im pretty open to all movies. Music I usually listen to hip hop, country, comedy, im all over with music! Lol!
    Thank you for the warm welcoming. I look forward to chatting more. And I hope this goes through!

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