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    Default Ab clothing

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but I would like to know what your favorite place to get AB clothing is.

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    I know of a few such as forever a kid and fetware but that's it.

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    Their are a few great sellers on ebay, i have bought pretty much all of my stuff from there!


    I have purchased from all of these sellers and the quality thus far has been great

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    I've gotten mine from Big Baby Boutique. My wife also bought me a pair of bib overalls from J. C. Pennys.

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    I don't have any myself...but Privatina just has the kyuuuuuutest things I've ever seen for a sissy baby like moi~

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    I've seen some cute things on ebay UK too but worry about it being delivered

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    I've never bought clothes from an AB store. If its from eBay it's too big, plus most of it looks hideous. I have most of my clothes custom made, and because of my size I have the luxury of shopping in the children's department that's where I buy the other half of my clothes. The only store store I would ever buy from would be Privatina, but it's way too expensive. I've had custom items made that look exactly like the items from Privatina made for a fraction of the price, and they are good quality too. I really think the currency conversion and international shipping is what makes it so damn expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sykmade View Post
    I have to agree with Mandy. But then, who creates your clothes?
    That's my secret

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