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Thread: Hi I'M NEW HERE

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    Default Hi I'M NEW HERE

    I'm just here to read some of your stories.

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    Is that all we're good for, huh? Stories?

    Well I'll tell you something - we're not!

    We have tons more to offer, and I'll bet you my left foot that you end up contributing to various threads

    Welcome here, regardless - we do ask that you give something back to the community, though, if you plan to 'take' as it were... So... Questions...

    ... How are you?
    ... What do you for a hobby? Ice-skating? Knitting? Falconry?
    ... Do you have a favourite Spice Girl? (Personally, mine is Cumin, though I heard a rumour she might actually be a guy...)
    ... How many Earth years do you own?
    ... Do you write anything yourself? Or are you just an avid reader?

    Anyway, enjoy! I hope you at least humour me and my dumbassed questions, even if you add nothing more to the thread

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