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Thread: First time on something like this ^^;

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    Default First time on something like this ^^;

    This is my first time on a site like this. I have worn for a long time now. I can recall my first experience though I don't know what drove me to do it, but once I put one on I felt this peace in life.

    I hope to connect with others that share and feel as I do. I figure I'm more of a DL then AB though at times I want to be one or care for someone I don't know anyone else like me and never have in person so I figured I might as well try a site and seeing as how everyone here is so open and kind I figure this one is best.

    If I have left anything out just let me know I still haven't found that ideal fit for me but after looking up a few sites that were suggested I have asked for some samples, hopefully the packaging is discrete enough to make it passed prying eyes

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    Cool! I don't feel such like an odd ball now ^^;

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    You're not an odd ball, if that were so, we all are (which makes us equal I guess).

    Anyway, welcome to the site (did my introduction two days ago). I'm still discovering and learning.

    Any other hobbies (apart from exploring the theory of hope and mankind?)


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    I prefer games which can range quite far in and am open minded to try anything new. I normally have a few things that come out on the TV or anime (watch Warehouse 13 now! x) they come once a week so I like to catch them and relax. How about you? :O

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    I'm a big fan of Warehouse 13 as well as Eureka and Being Human. Their one hour shows are so much better than their made for Syfi movies, most of which really stink.

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    oh god yes their movies make me sad, then I remember that they must need some kind of filler. I also like Alphas! supa kewl show

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    I don't play many games, but I prefer simple games (shooters), not patient enough to sort out the rpg's I guess. Like anime (ghost in the shell, Aikra, Spirited away etc), also fantasy (Lord of the rings, Legend)

    I spend much time on my PC, so not seeing many TV shows (apart from BIg Bang Theory). When I do watch TV, it's more zapping around...

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    never heard of Legend though he is a character I occasionally draw xD rpg's don't need to be sorted if you like shooters start with that and kinda branch from there thats what I did and kinda had one game stick with me (really a maker of a set of games but who's counting? <<). I just started the BBT it seems kinda kewl so far.

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