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    Default Hello Everyone (^_^)

    Hello everyone (^_^)

    My name is Dylan and I am a AB and DL with my fiance. I am currently in college for a lot of different stuffs including biology, mathematics, business, and food science. I came on here to make some AB/DL friends (and because diaper space is down again, stupid diaper space) who want to talk about other things than diapers all the time. It seems like every AB/DL I have talked to in the past just always want to talk about diapers or being a AB.

    I am also looking for some people to test and give me their opinions on a AB clothing line that I am going to start at the end of the year so if anyone is interested in that please send me a message.

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    Sounds like fun. Welcome to ADISC. It's good to have you. I might be interested in testing. I would like to know more about this clothing line.

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    I could not find any good AB cloths that I liked and that were cheep. The best I ever found was about $200 when it was all set and done and that is way to much. So I decided to make my own and sell it to AB/DLs for a lot cheeper. I want AB/DLs to help me by giving me their ideas and opinions on what I make and in return I will send them stuff to test for free.

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    hey Dylan
    Welcome to ADISC
    and its great your fiance doesnt mind "this"!
    have fun getting to know the site, learning, sharing, and making new friends from all over!
    - Will

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    Welcome Dylan! :3 Hope you find ADISC to be good and fun! glad to here you're in University and doing well! What got you interested into so many topics of study?? Sounds very interesting!

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    wwetbed: Thank you (^_^)

    LittlePupChris: I just like to do a variety of different things. I guess I am just interested in everything (^_^) I also do web development, started a business, manage a business, graphics design, and other stuffs that I cant think of right now... so ya... i do a lot of stuffs

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    I'm definitely interested in testing for you. What kind of clothes will you be making? Onsies, Footies, diapers, plastic pants ect. ?

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    badgerboy2: I dont know yet, I am going to start with a footed and a two peace pajama. From there I dont know yet, it will depend on what I feel like and what feedback I get from people.

    I think the most easy thing I can do is set up a website where people can sign up to be a tester. I might do that in the next week or so.

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