Just wondering which TV/Movie/Video Game character do you think might be AB/DL off camera. I'm not talking actor/actress I mean the character itself. Also give the reason why you suspect the character has a little side and on which side of the scale do you think he/she falls.

My pick is River Song from "Doctor Who". Being taken from her parents only months after she was born could have left a longing to be little when she grew older. Also we know that both her parents are really into role playing, a traits that could have been passed on. There is also the fact that her lover(The Doctor) is fluent in "baby". This would help her greatly when regressing. Finally there is the fact that after she is done playing all day, the place she goes home to is basically a bed with bars around it(yes its a prison cell and not a crib but the imagery is pretty close.)

I would consider her 60DL, 40AB with strong submissive tendencies. She is so confident and take charge in her public life that she would rather have the Doctor hold the reins in their private life.

Wow, I put a whole lot more thought into that than it probably deserves.