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Thread: Prune juice

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    Default Prune juice

    If you like to mess your self, which some do, or the feeling of having no choice, or losing controll, Then about 90 mins before you want to do it, drink at least 800ml of warm prune juice, then just wait, if you go to sleep, you will wake up soiled, if your out and about, and theres no bathrooms, You will NEED that diaper

    I tried it , and it worked ! only once though, make sure your next 16 hours is clear just in case

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    Hmm seems interesting, I think I'm going to try this next time I get the chance.
    Thanks for the info

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    Gosh, this sounds awesome but I doubt I'll have that chance as I'm living with my parents and I'm only 15, not much of freedom

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    THere's only one flaw with this plan-it involves drinking prune juice.

    Seriously, I'd probably rather drink a cocktail made with used motor oil and day-old vomit than drink prune juice again. I had to drink prune juice after one of my stays in the hospital, as apparently morphine shuts down the plumbing, and it was seriously the single most vile liquid that's ever passed my lips.

    But, for those who can get past drinking prune juice, have fun!

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    I think ill give this a try - but i will use the prune juice in a smoothy as i am not as brave as worf.

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    if you don't like prune juice, then pear juice should work just as well, if not better. After all, pear juice tastes tons better and from what i have heard, is actually stronger then prune juice. But there is some food for thought :P

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    Huh. I never found prune juice to be *that* bad. I wouldn't say I liked it, but... On the other hand, drinking close to a liter of *warm* prune juice does sound kind of disgusting. I'd rather eat a bag of prunes and then drink a liter of water. That, at least, would double as a snack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeek61 View Post
    But there is some food for thought :P
    I thought we were talking about juice... :P

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    Anyone actually try this other then op? Ill try it but it might not be for a couple nights

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukilliheal View Post
    I think ill give this a try - but i will use the prune juice in a smoothy as i am not as brave as worf.
    LOL, maybe not, but I'll bet once it kicks in, you're probably wrinkle your face like his though. LOL

    I've never had prune juice, and probably never will. If I want to mess in a diaper in an uncontrollable way, I know of other methods that work for me.

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