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    Default Stop Viacom!

    I have decided to try and not use any viacom products or watch any of viacoms channels do to the fact that they are INSANE and need to be stopped.

    My proof:
    The Knight Shift: Viacom hits me with copyright infringement for posting on YouTube a video that Viacom made by infringing on my own copyright!

    YouTube - Viacom is a Copyright Bully

    YouTube - therealweeklynews's Channel (every viacom thing on his channel, make sure you especially watch the one about how his main one got taken down)

    YouTube - Viacom knows you watched this video

    Please try to stay away from Viacom products and don't watch any of there channels, so far there stocks have dropped A LOT in the past few days, and I'm happy about that.

    I believe that in the near future, if Viacom doesn't stop taking down random stuff for no reason, and using material they didn't make on their shows, that legal action WILL be taken on them, it already can be actually.

    Personally I don't want Viacom to be completely destroyed, but I do want them to stop going crazy over ABSOLUTELY nothing.

    Oh and I forgot one small thing:


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    The information in this video is no longer true or relevant. According to the YouTube blog, "Viacom, MTV and other litigants have backed off their original demand for all users' viewing histories and we will not be providing that information. ... In addition, Viacom and the plaintiffs had originally demanded access to users' private videos, our search technology, and our video identification technology. Our lawyers strongly opposed each of those demands and the court sided with us."

    That's what was posted on the description of the "Viacom Knows You Watched This Video". Really how did you not read that? If Viacom wants to go after people that violated their copyrights and broke laws regarding their stuff then they have every right to do that.

    However them using the guys web video isn't okay but I never saw any proof the guy copyrighted his video. Now he may have copyrighted it but I looked and I couldn't see any proof of him doing that at all. So if he did not copyright it then viacom did nothing illegal but if they did he could sue them for it.

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    They have money. They're a corporation. We can do all our little boycotts all we want.... it won't change anything. And there will still be too many other people not willing to boycott. If 10,000 people boycott and 1,000,000 don't, well.... then Viacom doesn't have much of a problem. Sometimes it seems like boycotts and protests are just completely pointless these days. There are too many people that just don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered4lyfe View Post
    Your about 2 months too late.

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    Actually no I'm not, one of these guys is thinking about suing because he had his video taken down by Viacom when he wasn't copywriting he was just talking bad about them.

    Then I know that the guy got his clip back on, but still, what the hell!?!??!?!? and that didn't even have anything to do with the Viacom vs Youtube thing.

    Personally I've been following this off and on since Viacom got won the lawsuit against google and got all that stuff, and I know that the judge changed their mind, but I don't like that Viacom has been taking down videos that have NOTHING to do with them, like that one video where it was a guy and his family eating at a barbecue restaurant that wasn't owned by viacom, so really they had no reason to take it down, and he could go to court with them as well, if he wished.

    i just want viacom to stop going crazy about copywrited stuff that isn't theirs.

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