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    Does anyone else have a sexual desire to be humiliated by wearing diapers. In a regular frame of mind I absolutely do not want that, but when I have sexual thoughts that is mainly all I think of. When I am thinking sexually and think about the humiliation of being seen in a diaper by a bunch of women I become totally aroused. So I guess I have a combination of diaper and humiliation fetishes. I asked a question in this forum earlier but only got a couple responses and would like to get more input. I have came real close many times to sending this woman I know a pic of me in a diaper. We are friends but nothing more and she made the nothing more clear many times. She is a dominant girl that I think would probably find joy in humiliating me by sending the pic around. That is what makes the thought so exciting. I know this would be totally embarrassing if she did, but that is the aspect that makes it such a turn on. It is possible that she would spare me and not do it, but its the whole thing of her having the power to humiliate or to not humiliate. I fantasize about this all the time of how I would call her and beg her not to send it to anyone and how she would tell me she is going to send it to everyone. I wondered if any of you have feelings like this or if you have ever done a thing like this, either way please give me your thoughts.

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    Some people do enjoy humiliation and that aspect of the babying, but I for one dislike humiliation, because I don't get humiliated easily, and so it would have to be in front of people I knew to make it bad and that's one of my big no-nos. "Don't expose yourself to others if they don't want to see it"

    But as I said, others do enjoy humiliation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolguy View Post
    Does anyone else have a sexual desire to be humiliated by wearing diapers?
    I hope you don't mind my grammatical correction of your opening question, but questions after all should be ended with question marks, and not periods.

    To address this in the most direct way possible; Yes I have had some minor interests in the ways of humiliation, but I wouldn't say they are as well defined as what you outline above in your original post. For me, I like the thrill of telling someone that I've established trust in that I am in fact a diaper lover or to a lesser degree somewhat dependent on diaper use during the night. It's that uneasy pause between the time that it takes for the words to leave my mouth, and the point in time where you can see it register with their mind the gravity to the nature of what you are saying that I find intriguing.

    However, for me, there is no sexual thrill or rush. I have often wondered what it would be like to be placed in a forced regression scene with a caregiver dominant, and whether or not that would invoke the same level of feelings with regards to being humiliated but until I have that opportunity I can't say for sure.

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    A lot of people on this forum have a fetish list that extends beyond diapers. A lot of those fetish lists include various forms of submission, including humiliation (including mine), and moreover, certain fetishes are stronger than others and most seem to be synergistic with each other. I think by virtue of us being an AB/DL community specifically, you'll find that most of us would list some form of AB/DL as our strongest or near strongest fetish, so for those of us who are also into humiliation here, your case is fairly typical.

    Quote Originally Posted by coolguy View Post
    It is possible that she would spare me and not do it, but its the whole thing of her having the power to humiliate or to not humiliate.
    Yep, you're definitely a sub. :P

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    I would love to be humiliated while diapered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shredder92 View Post
    that's one of my big no-nos. "Don't expose yourself to others if they don't want to see it"
    I understand your point. I know that such fantasies can be arousing, however the reality can be far different than the fantasy. I have to agree with Shredder92 in the aspect of, most people would not care to see or even know about it. I think it just runs too close to 'shoving it in people's faces', who do not want to know about it. Then again, if she is a DOM, then the photos might be circulated in a different circle of people and be better received. I guess it would depend on what circle of friends the photos would be circulated around.

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    Yes, absolutely. To be honest, that is a big part of my fascination with diapers. I love the idea of forced regression, meaning that I am made to wear them against my will. Just like you, that's a fantasy of mine. In real life, I wouldn't want it, but I like the image.

    If you like this sort of thing, you should check out the book, "Bound and Humiliated" by Sara Tyr. She has a whole novella about this fantasy. I read it a while ago, and I REALLY liked it.

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    With me, humiliation is not a turn on, but the possibility of humiliation is. Having someone find out(which happened to me recently with better than expected results) is more nerve racking than fun. Now wearing in public where there is always the possibility of something going wrong is an exciting thrill for me. For me the act has to be safe with just the air of danger around it. Kinda like a roller coaster at an amusement park(Aw man, now I want to wear while riding The Great Nor'Easter)

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    Yeah, I'd say that's a fairly common fantasy among DL's and AB's.

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