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    Hello to every one my name is Jack. For the first time i am going to wear 24/7. Ive never done it before because i lived at home with parents and had to be sneaky about it. Just last night was my first time wearing in public. I was nervous to make it worse i saw one of my coworkers at the grocery store. Today was my first time wetting in public i was alone at a restaurant. I was wearing baggy basketball shorts and a jacket that covered my waist. So far me wearing diapers 24/7 has been awesome. I have not done a diaper change in a public bathroom. I do not know how it is going to go and disposing of it. As of right now I'm still experimenting with different diaper brands. Like every one else I'm looking to find that diaper that fits just right and stick with it. Outside of this i like to ride my bicycle on the bike path. My favorite thing to do is travel. Earlier this summer i went to the fabulous Las Vegas. It was awesome but it sure caught up to me when i got home. I flew out there it was a non stop flight so that made it easy and free of stress. It was amazing to think in 2 hours i was half way across the country. My next big travel adventure is probably going to be Dallas Texas. Next summer i hope to go to LA California. My dream would be to get an RV and travel the US in my spare time. I Just moved to the city from the country. I like the city alot more than the country. I was half an hour away from every thing. I like being able to walk to the grocery store and restaurants.Its a major gas saver living where i do. The best is being able to walk to a restaurant have a few drinks and not worry about having to drive home. I also enjoy cooking and watching movies on TV or in the theater. Some day i may continue my education i think internet web design would be fun. For right now I'm content with what I'm doing.
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    Welcome to ADISC.

    You are in good company here.

    Tell us more about you outside of diapers.

    Hobbies? Interests?

    This will help people connect to you so its easier to make friends.

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