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    Good day,

    what to say.... It's just me ;-) I am a 38 year old male from Germany, married and living a happy and peaceful life. My wife does not know, but that is fine with me, it is my personal thing.

    I am mostly an DL, not so much into AB, but I have ordered myself a pacifier now, to try out.

    The "thing" started way back in my youth, I do not have many memories but some pictures in my head. Peeing has always been an interesting thing and one night, I remember getting up and putting all underpants on that i could fit (around 10) and peeing into them, the outest layer did stay dry, but of course my parents found out...

    Later I developed a fetish to golden shower and watersports, maynly wetting pants. But I always found the cleaning to much, so I only read about stories and looked for pictures on the web - it did however constantly fancy me. Then I found out, that there is something that can satisfy my both sides: peeing and not much cleaning up - diapers!

    As we have seperate bedrooms, I sometimes put on a pull-up during night but not use it, just for the soft and warm comfy feeling. When there is more time, I put on real diapers and use them, front and back ;-)

    Am I welcome here ?


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    More about me...

    I am working in IT, my hobbies are sports and the outdoors.
    I like cycling, running, swimming and also triathlon, but that is to much time required for training.

    I also like to sit on the sofa and enjoy a good book, a nice cooked dinner (I like cooking) or a good show on TV.

    Currently, We are pushing back the overgrowing forrest in our garden and putting sime nice plants, trees and flowers there but I am glad, when fall comes around so that we can limit the timein the garden.

    I am reducing the nappy time currently, as I heard, that the warm temperature may affect the sperms...


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    Hi Mark
    Welcome to Adisc and yes you are very welcome here.. You have writtena very comprehensive Introduction, did you use the cheat sheet or is it all you own work?
    There is currently a thread in the Incontinence forum about heat affecting sperm you can look at it here:-

    There has been research done on this, what heat does is it reduces sperm motility ( how fast the little things swim). The reduction in the number of sperm is caused by a lot of other far more serioius factors, such as high levels of female hormones in our drinking water and in some of the foods we eat. In western society there also seems to be a generally downward trend in the number of sperm produced.

    On a personal note being IC I have worn protection all my life, when I got married my wife concieved the first time we tried. And that was 36 years in pads or nappies befoer I was married, so I don't think your occasional play with nappies is going to have an impact.

    However, if I may make an observation, if you are trying for a baby, rather than worrying about heat affecting your sperm, I would worry about how you are going to get you wife pregnant while you are in seperate bedrooms.

    Find a few forums you like the look of and jump in, Adisc members are friendly and don't bite ( well, watch out for the furries), they are also knowledgable and vbery supportive. So if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, or ask them in forums.

    Welcome again.

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    thank you for the very warm welcome, I feel very @ home here!

    Cheat sheet? , no! The first few lines were not easy but then it started to become easier.
    Thank for the hint to that discussion, will definately have a look. Yes, with the seperate bedrooms we are used to people joking around. But currently we find the snuggle time being something special and we enjoy and value it very much.

    Thanks again for teh warm welcome,we will read from each other!


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